Every week we will be sending out a status report on the Dojo Offline Toolkit project to keep folks abreast of what we have accomplished the last week and what is planned for the week ahead.

Last Week

The big task last week was finishing the Dojo Offline API. Lots of great people gave lots of great feedback, and the design for how programmers will work with DOT is done; expect a blog post today or tommorrow with details.

This Week

The first task this week is to document the API we have come up with. Next, its time to start coding. The first task will be to implement the API in JavaScript. A nice side-effect is the API will actually work without having us to finish the local proxy immediately, since it can just cache it’s UI files using standard HTTP/1.1 caching inside the browser cache. This means folks can get started prototyping apps quickly; the downside is that your UI files might get blown from the browser cache, which is what the small, downloadable web proxy is meant to solve.