Every week we will be sending out a status report on the Dojo Offline Toolkit project to keep folks abreast of what we have accomplished the last week and what is planned for the week ahead.

Last Week

After a bunch of thought to ensure an easy-to-use and powerful API, we blogged what the Dojo Offline API will look like. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Last week we also began coding the JavaScript API for Dojo Offline. One nice highlight is that folks will be able to begin playing around with Dojo Offline even before the offline proxy is ready.

This Week

The default Dojo Offline, as seen in the DOT mockups from a few weeks ago, is almost done; this UI is driven off of the Dojo Offline framework, and is easily customizable. Expect to see it done today or tomorrow, with a demos that allow you to play around with the UI portion of Dojo Offline.

Once the UI portion is done, the next step is to fill out the framework itself, starting with the dojo.dot.file portion of the API.