Last Week

Last week we did lots and lots of coding on the local proxy for Dojo Offline. Here’s a laundry list of some of the code checkins and QA fixes:

* Moxie had an encoding bug related to new lines being incorrectly serialized during the Dojo Offline syncing process — fixed
* Polipo, our local proxy, was modified so that if it is online and a network error occurs, either from DNS, talking to a server, etc., we automatically ‘fault’, move offline, and attempt to replay the request against our local cache.
* Sometimes, while loading the Moxie page using the local proxy while online with the browser cache cleared, it can take a LONG time or the browser can hang — Fixed, turned out to be related to how we were handling network timeouts
* Create automated build system for Mac OS X and Windows — now, we can quickly push out Mac OS X and Windows builds with a single build command, issued on the Mac
* On Safari, we don’t consistently get Moxie from the offline cache even if it is there – Fixed
* Windows/Firefox: Go off the network, start up DOT, open browser, go to Moxie — “Falling back to using system resolver” – Fixed
* Got the GNU Debugger (gdb) working on Windows, so we can quickly create Windows builds on the Mac and then debug Windows-specific bugs on Windows
* On Safari: “Safari: Connect to failed: Host is down” – Fixed with more generic solution to how we handle network errors, noted above
* “Couldn’t send DNS query: Socket is not connected” – Fixed with more generic solution to how we handle network errors, noted above
* Firefox/Mac OS X — go on network, start proxy, go to moxie, clear browser cache, close browser, drop off network, double click moxie link on desktop — browser just sits and spins – Fixed
* On Safari, off the network, get the following when double clicking link from desktop — only sometimes: DNS: couldn’t open /etc/resolv.conf: No such file or directory – Fixed

This Week

The big task this week is to keep driving QA against the local proxy to improve reliability. Lots of the bug fixes above were basically of this type; we are testing the local proxy against Safari, Firefox, and IE on Windows and Mac OS X.

One example is to fix a caching edge case between the browser and the local proxy. Basically, sometimes we want to ‘bust’ the browser cache to really talk to the local proxy, without busting the local proxy cache. This fixes a bug that can occur under some conditions.

Along side this, we want to get ‘automatic restart’ code going for the local proxy. The local proxy will start on system startup — if it crashes for some reason, we want it to automatically restart.

This week I’d like to also hit other fit and finish issues, as well as potentially start putting together installers.