Sorry about getting this up a little late in the day; I’m actually in Redmond, Washington right now to attend a Microsoft research event at their R&D labs. I just got situated at my hotel and found a WiFi network to work from to start hacking on code and post this status report.

Last Week

Last week we put up a screencast showing Dojo Offline and Moxie in action; created a blog post discussing our latest Dojo Offline deliverable and source code; put up our first official release of Dojo Offline (the JavaScript API layer + Moxie — this is an alpha release that does not include the client-side proxy yet); and got a live demo of Moxie running on our servers.

Coding was a bit slow later in the week since I was working on a speech for Yahoo.

This Week

The big task is to continue to refine the local client side proxy. This includes improving linkage between the JavaScript layer and the local proxy to make sure we work correctly when the network is present or gone; pulling and adding resources from the local proxy cache even without HTTP/1.1 headers sent from the server if we are offline; and more. We might also begin to create installers/uninstallers for Windows, as well as code to register the local web proxy for startup when the system starts.

Also, the Moxie demo has been used by scores of people, with lots of interesting sample documents added by folks, and someone found a way to upload some content that breaks when we download it through our JSON data structure (I believe it is a SCRIPT tag that is closed, but I am still isolating the bug). Until then the downloading phase of Dojo Offline for Moxie spins continuously; this is a Moxie bug and not a Dojo Offline bug, which I will isolate this week and fix.