There was a lot of activity in the Dojo Toolkit community this week, including an update for Dojo Storage plus articles on productivity and writing DRYer code.

Dojo Storage

Dojo Storage, the foundation for Dojo Offline, recently received a much needed update thanks to Brad Neuberg of Google:

Dojo Storage makes it possible to store large amounts of data (hundreds or megabytes of K) on the client-side, way beyond the 4K limit of cookies. Developers are given a simple key/value storage abstraction, similar to a hash table. What makes Dojo Storage unique is that it automatically determines the best way to achieve this. If Google Gears, a small open-source plug-in that teaches current browsers new tricks, is present then this will be used for storage; if the browser supports HTML 5 DOM Storage, such as Firefox 2, then this is used; and finally, if none of the others are available, then a hidden Flash applet is used to store the data permanently. There are even Adobe AIR storage providers (thanks to SitePen and Adobe) if you are running in an AIR environment!

The Bling Function

SitePen’s Neil Roberts recently authored a tutorial, Creating Your Own $, which explains how to replicate the popular bling function with Dojo and much more.

$ = dojo.mixin(
	function(){ return dojo.mixin(
		dojo.query.apply(this, arguments), $.fn); 
	{ fn: {} }

In addition to development for our clients and work on the Dojo Toolkit, Neil is one of our trainers for our Dojo Training Courses.

DRY and Functional

Neil shows an example of implementing the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) philosophy using functional programming with the Dojo Toolkit.

Dijit and Firebug

SitePen’s Sam Foster uses Firebug on a daily basis while working with Dijit. He recently explained some Firebug productivity methods . These are some of the techniques that the new SitePen Support team uses to tackle your problems.