DojoConf 2011 is under way, and we continue our Dojo enlightenment with a trifecta of tutorials!

Dijit Themes, Buttons, and Textboxes

In this tutorial, we will show you the basics of creating and using simple form elements using Dijit—including how to set up a Dijit theme for your web application.

Check out the tutorial.

Getting Selective with Dijit

In this tutorial, we will explore the widgets in the dijit.form namespace which enhance the user experience of HTML select elements: Select, FilteringSelect, and ComboBox.

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Advanced Dijit Selects using Stores

In this tutorial, we will further explore Dijit’s select widgets—particularly how to create instances programmatically, populating their drop-down lists from stores.

Check out the tutorial.

Want to see a specific Tutorial? Want to Learn More?

Is there something you’d like to learn how to do with Dojo? Always wanted to know how something in Dojo works? Leave us a message in the blog comments and we’ll see about getting a tutorial created for you. Or sign-up for an upcoming SitePen Dojo Workshop to get a fully immersive hands-on experience with Dojo.