SitePen was in the news recently:

Simplexity Rising: Web usability reveals itself to be a game of hide-and-seek covers our session, “Your Mom, 2.0”, for the upcoming SXSW 2008, and offers some choice quotes about building web apps that are feature rich yet easy to use. At this session, we’ll be discussing the things that make an app that’s easy for Mom to use but still delivers the features everyone wants to use. The format is somewhat of a round-table discussion, and we’ve invited a few local Austin Moms to attend. We’ll also present the results of a survey of Moms, and see where this open discussion takes us.

Developers Seek Web, Dynamic Languages is a summary of a recent developer survey, noting the rise in interest of Ajax among other things. Our Research & Development Director Alex Russell explains why dynamic languages are becoming so popular: increasing CPU power puts greater emphasis on developer efficiency. Dynamic languages like Ruby, Python, and PHP are “just riding the complexity versus CPU power curves.” It’s not just a matter of letting people bang out apps in 30 minutes—when you worry less about the infrastructure, you get to spend more time on features and design.

The article mentions a number of advantages to web apps—easy deployment, painless updates, huge reach—plus one of our favorites: openness. As proponents of the Open Web, our investments in research and development of open source web tools and technologies make it easier for you to deliver great user experiences, even for Your Mom.