Eleven Trends for 2012: The Year of Dojo

Most 2012 trend lists include 12 trends. (Get it?  12 in ’12.  Of course you do.).  Because we are not fond of adding unnecessary or filler content (read code), Dylan has come up with 11 trends for 2012.

1.  Mobile

Mobile will gain even more momentum in 2012.  There’s no doubt we will see many new APIs, development tools and capabilities in place to both build and install most any app as a web app rather than using native technology.

2.  AMD

Following on the increasing emergence of microtoolkits in 2010 and 2011, 2012 will be the year everything becomes an AMD module, making it easier for Dojo, jQuery, MooTools and other toolkits to play nicely together.

3.  Builders & Loaders

With so many modules, performance, loading and building will need to be optimized.  Use of package management will become increasingly important.

4… Check out the rest of Dylan’s 11 Trends for 2012! And don’t forget that SitePen’s got your back when it comes to implementing efficient and scalable solutions.  Contact us today!

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