In March, we introduced the SitePen Support service to provide high-quality support for Dojo, DWR and Cometd from the people who know those projects inside and out.

We’re always watching to see how we can make our services better and after listening to our early support clients we’re making changes to ensure that clients are successful with the products we support.

The biggest change is that all of our Support plans feature “Ask the Experts”, including our least-expensive Boost plan. Instead of solving the “help me out of this hole” types of issues, “Ask the Experts” provides tailored advice for product teams well before they hit issues or go down the wrong path. For sophisticated development projects we understand that what’s needed often isn’t a bug fix but rather answers to questions like “is this the right way to do this?” or “does this architecture make sense?” In our work with development and support clients we’ve found that providing guidance can help save everyone a lot of time and money down the road. Our goal isn’t just to fix bugs, but to make projects successful. Many SitePenners are quite active in answering questions on project forums and mailing lists, but when teams outgrow the types of support the community can provide, SitePen’s support services give priority, confidential advice and assistance when it’s needed most.

“Ask the Experts” is critical for ensuring project success, and it’s now part of all of our Support plans.

We’ve also simplified our plans, and all plans now include support for Dojo, DWR and Cometd. If you’re looking for a bit of help on your current project, SitePen Support is available to get you the help and advice you need.