Dojo Mobile Tutorial: Introducing TweetView

By on March 30, 2011 10:51 am

Take Dojo Everywhere

Dojo 1.5 had initial support for creating mobile web apps and that work continued into Dojo 1.6. While you’ve been able to view the developer tests if you knew where to look, how to actually build an app with Dojo Mobile has been a trial and error process until now.

Getting Started with

Before you can begin writing an app with Dojo Mobile you need to understand what Dojo Mobile is all about and how it works. Dojo Mobile is a framework of controllers, CSS3-based themes, and device-like widgets that will allow you to effortlessly create intelligent, flexible, and cross-device-compatible mobile web applications. Our first Dojo Mobile tutorial goes into detail on getting started with Dojo Mobile.

Creating an App: Introduction to TweetView

In the multi-part TweetView series, we’ll embark on creating our own fully functional web application called TweetView. This tutorial will focus on familiarizing you with what TweetView is, what we want it to do, and we’ll get started on building the mobile application’s HTML and CSS layout. Sound interesting? Check out the tutorial.

Want to see a specific Tutorial? Want to Learn More?

Is there something you’d like to learn how to do with Dojo? Always wanted to know how something in Dojo works? Leave us a message in the blog comments and we’ll see about getting a tutorial created for you. Or sign-up for an upcoming SitePen Dojo Workshop to get a fully immersive hands-on experience with Dojo.

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