Intern Recorder demo

Intern Recorder is a new Chrome Developer Tools extension that makes creating functional tests for Intern faster and easier. The Recorder automates test creation by recording your interactions with a page in Chrome and converting those interactions into a test file that can be downloaded and added to your Intern test suite. The resulting test file works across all browsers and devices that are supported by Intern’s functional testing system.

The first release of the Recorder supports the most frequent operations that you’d commonly want to automate when writing a test suite, like keyboard and mouse interaction (including support for drag & drop). It can target elements based on ID and position within the DOM, for pages with deterministic DOM structures, or it can target elements based on the text content of those elements, for pages where content is deterministic but IDs and DOM structure are not.

You can download and install Intern Recorder from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, the Recorder will show up on the “Intern” tab in Dev Tools. Full usage instructions can be found in the README, and more information is available in our Working with Intern Recorder blog.

This version of the Intern Recorder was sponsored by SITA. If you or your company find Intern or Intern Recorder useful, please help support ongoing development of these tools and consider a similar sponsorship to add features and fixes you’d like to see! Just send us an email letting us know of your interest and we’ll set up a call to talk you through the process and what you can expect.