We’re pleased to announce the release of the Dojo Toolkit 1.1. Significant progress has been made with this release, including:

  • An easy to use and significantly improved Dojo API Viewer with some seriously great features, including the ability to easily find the original definition of a method that is “mixed-in”
  • A growing collection of demos, tutorials, and articles
  • A new BorderContainer Dijit, which is a much better way to handle layout-based widgets than SplitContainer and LayoutContainer
  • Significant performance improvements to dojo.query and dojo.fx
  • Support for Adobe AIR and Jaxer, and updated dojox.flash and dojox.offline APIs
  • Major improvements to Dijit infrastructure and widgets
  • All around Dijit theme improvements including the CSS structure for themes, refinements to the Tundra theme, re-introduction of the Soria theme, and the newly added Nihilo theme
  • DTL, the Django Template Language, is now available for use in widgets with dojox.dtl
  • Vector graphics animations
  • Additions to DojoX including an analytics package
  • Improvements to Dojo Data and RPC, and support for JSONPath
  • Many improvements to the build system including CSS optimization, multiple-versions of the Dojo Toolkit co-existing in the same document, and other great tools for optimizing performance

The Dojo Toolkit 1.1 Release Notes contains even more details on this release. Upgrading from the Dojo Toolkit 1.0 to 1.1 should be very straightforward. This weekend, the SitePen Dojo Toolkit Support team will be adding a new Dojo Toolkit QuickStart Guide for anyone wanting a quick and easy introduction to the Dojo Toolkit.

We’re very excited to have completed over 800 improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes in the past three months alone for this release.

On to 1.2, where the focus will be on continuing to refine Dijit, the Dojo Grid, Dojo Charting, a better approach to DojoX, and much much more. I’m proud to be part of an amazing project…thanks to everyone for their tireless effort in making this release by far the best Dojo Toolkit release ever!