From a recent interview with Kevin Hakman on Ajaxian:

“I personally love the ability to write a script that runs on the server, but call it from the client as if it were running on the client. In this case Jaxer handles all the sync or async communications for you transparently, and soon will provide end-to-end debug capabilities as well. We’re also now working with Joe Walker of the DWR project to extend this kind of capability to remote Java objects as well through Jaxer.”

We’re excited to play a small part in the success story that is unfolding with Aptana! Once we’re done, you’ll be able to use DWR as a way to get a Jaxer server communicating simply and securely with Java. While it may seem a bit odd or self-referential to take an Ajax server and add Java to it, the benefits of having Mozilla on the server-side make it seem quite straightforward and worthwhile.

And of course, hot on the heels of the Dojo Toolkit’s compatibility support for Adobe AIR, we’re not about to forget about Dojo Toolkit developers wanting to use Jaxer.