Learning Dojo 1.4

By on March 5, 2010 3:05 am
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There is so much existing information about the Dojo Toolkit that it can be challenging to know where to begin. The following is a Dojo curriculum (I use this term loosely) highlighting community resources and a logical path for self-learning the foundational parts of Dojo.  If you understand the purpose of a variable and function, or you are new to Dojo, then this is for you.

I also hope that this curriculum will help the Dojo community fill in any gaps for learning the Dojo basics. I’ve started with a focus on Dojo Base and Dojo Core. The other parts of Dojo; Dijit, DojoX, and Util (how Dojo is organized) really deserve their own curriculum and are not the focus of this track.



Dojo 101: The Overview

Dojo 201: Beyond the Basics

Dojo 301: Dojo Base & Core In-depth

Dojo 401: Example Dojo Applications & Demos

It is likely either during or after the process of working through this curriculum that you are going to have questions.  When this occurs consider leveraging the following community resources:

If you find that a self-guided tour or community support is inadequate, I would suggest an expert-guided Dojo workshop or hands-on assistance through Dojo support from SitePen.