Lightstreamer and SitePen demonstrate Streaming AJAX capabilities based on the Dojo Toolkit

By on January 17, 2007 11:31 pm

Milan, Jan. 17, 2007 – The Dojo Toolkit, a modular
open source JavaScript library designed to ease the
development of AJAX-based applications, has been
integrated with Lightstreamer, a high-performance
Streaming-AJAX (Comet) engine. SitePen has developed a
Dojo application showing real-time server-pushed data
displayed through tables and charts.

Lightstreamer is a push server for live data
distribution to “zero-install” clients, based on the
Comet paradigm (also known as “Streaming AJAX” or “AJAX
Push”). The role of Lightstreamer software is to deliver
any real-time data from the server to the browser in a
fast and reliable way. Once the data has reached the
browser, the Dojo Toolkit is a perfect option to
incorporate and use it inside a state-of-the-art AJAX

SitePen, a web development & consulting firm based in
Silicon Valley, has developed a proof of concept that
demonstrates a Dojo application that subscribes to live
security prices published by Lightstreamer Server and
displays them inside a Dojo table. The recent release of
the Dojo Charting Tool has been leveraged to display the
live prices in a graphical format as well. Streaming
charts based on pure thin clients (with no applets,
plug-ins or other external components) are a
leading-edge application of the Comet paradigm, that
will be especially appreciated by financial institutions.

“This demonstration further emphasizes the possibilities
of the real-time web”, said Dylan Schiemann, CEO of
SitePen, Inc. and co-founder of the Dojo Toolkit.
“Dojo’s widget system and event model are well-suited
for integrating with Lightstreamer’s Comet server. Quite
frankly, we were blown away by the ease and simplicity
of getting Lightstreamer up and running within just a
few minutes.”

“The seamless integration between Lightstreamer and Dojo
is an important achievement”, said Alessandro Alinone,
CTO of Lightstreamer. “We are a very focused company and
our goal is not to provide a general AJAX framework. Our
mission is to deliver a high-performance and reliable
push server that can work with any AJAX solution. That’s
why Lightstreamer has recently entered the OpenAjax

About Lightstreamer
Lightstreamer is a high-performance push/streaming
engine based on the AJAX-Comet paradigm that delivers
real-time textual data to Web browsers and to thick
applications. When using browsers as a client, nothing
is installed or downloaded (no applets or ActiveX, but
only pure HTML/JavaScript). Lightstreamer was originally
developed by the Financial Systems Integration activity
of privately held Par-Tec SpA group (founded in 1998).
In 2004 a separate company was formed within the group
as an �ISV’ to provide Lightstreamer ‘Push’ middleware
solutions for streaming real-time Market Data, or any
live information, to web browsers and custom application
clients. Lightstreamer is compatible with many browsers
on the market, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox,
Opera, Netscape, Safari, etc. For more information see
where several on-line
demonstrations are available.

About SitePen, Inc.

Based in Palo Alto, California, SitePen focuses on
building rich, internet applications that push the
limits of the web. Its superstar team works consistently
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