The one thing I would have you know about Ed is that he’s a real-life renaissance man. When Ed’s not skydiving, full-stack engineering, being an amazing father, devoted husband, raising chickens, snowboarding, making tomato sauce or being a mentor, Ed can be found moving all of his worldly possessions back and forth between the states of Kansas and Washington. Let’s see what Ed wants to share with us today!

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Hey Ed! How’s it going? Let’s start our interview with where you’re living currently?

Thanks, Carrie. Sure. I live in Poulsbo, Washington, a ferry ride west of downtown Seattle.

I Seattle! (Note to reader: I live on the side of Seattle that doesn’t require a ferry ride) I’ve already shared a bit about you so, in your own words, why don’t you tell us what you’re usually up to when you’re not being truly amazing at SitePen?

I am not a usual kind of person so it can really vary. Right now, I am enjoying disc golf and making hard apple cider.

Cool and Yum! Stockpiling alcohol is definitely smart given the impending Zombie Apocalypse. Now that we have hydration covered, what would be your weapon of choice: Samurai Sword or Crossbow?

Sword, shotgun and a monster truck.

Smart, very smart. My next question is about working remotely. To avoid any confusion, I’m not asking what it’s like to work so far from civilization (like Poulsbo), I mean what do you like most about not having to go into an office every day to put in time at “work”?

Ha….ha. Poulsbo is really close to Seattle and still has a lot of small businesses and restaurants — not aimed at tourists. On working remotely, my answer is less commute time, more family time.

Just so everyone knows, Ed used to live on Bainbridge Island which is completely devoted to tourism. 🙂 Next up: name something on your bucket list!

Kiteboarding, learning to weld and blacksmith.

Blacksmithing! That’s a really unusual answer. I like it! If asked in highschool where you’d be in 15 years, how would your friends have responded?

Personal computers were just becoming a thing when I was in high school (class of ’85) so if you waited until my senior year, I think they would have said computer programmer. Definitely something math and science related.

Speaking of your senior year in highschool, I’m just going to leave this picture of you with a perm right here:


What is the one thing you want to share with the complete stranger reading this right now?

Take real vacations. Visiting family doesn’t count.

Very wise and I would have to agree. What’s another fun fact about You?

From 1999 until about 2009, I did a lot of backcountry snowboarding in British Columbia, Canada.

More extreme sports! If only we had time for all of your amazing tales! I’ve seen some of the pics and they are amazing! Moving on to my next question, what does your hardware set up look like??

I went from earning a paycheck on DEC VAXes to Windows to Linux all while having an Apple computer at home. My first was an Apple IIe. Today, my primary machine is a MacBook Pro.

Ugh! I was trying to portray you as this super cool, young, hip dude…but this, along with the highschool class year you blurted out — that I TRIED to gloss over — my attempts have been futile… 😉 Last question: what’s your favorite feature of IE?

It is a tie between the ability to download the Google Chrome installer and Alt – F – Exit.

HA! Well, Ed, it has been my pleasure chatting with you and I’m sure everyone is as impressed as I am with your human being-ness. I’m gonna let you get back to being awesome. See ya!

Thanks. Later!

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If you’re lookin’ for more info on Ed, just ask! Ed is a fun, kind-hearted soul and always willing to chat! In the meantime, stay tuned for our next Meet the Team segment right here on