Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.

It’s time to introduce our Bahamas native, Neil Roberts! Neil brings his expertise to work everyday, but there’s much more to him than API design, code architecture, and regular expressions.

Join us as we learn more about one of our talented software engineers.

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Hey Neil. Have we mentioned how excited we are that you joined the team a couple of months ago? One thing we like to do is let our fans in on a few SitePenner secrets. So, let’s get started!

Sounds good, Audrey.

I’ve already shared with the crowd that you were lucky enough to grow up in the Bahamas and a few of us are pretty jealous. So, where do you live now?

Des Moines, IA.

Awesome. What are you usually up to when you’re not being a SitePen superstar?

I’m usually visiting or planning a visit to Disney World (especially planning what I want to eat while I’m there), backing stuff on Kickstarter, helping with development in the indie board game community, learning about behavior in online communities, playing League of Legends so I can better enjoy watching professional League of Legends, researching stuff I need to buy, and watching TV with my wife.

Wow. You stay busy! Well, if a Zombie Apocalypse interrupted all your planning and League of Legends playing, which would be your weapon: Samurai Sword or Crossbow?

Crossbow. I don’t need to look cool.

Way to say no to peer pressure, Neil. Speaking of looking cool, we think we’re pretty hip coming to work in our pj’s everyday. So tell us, what do you like most about working for a remote company?

Not having to use a Keurig if I want coffee.

Ah, yes. I personally love homemade chai lattes. Aside from creating the world’s tastiest Cup of Joe, what’s one thing on your bucket list?

I’d like to go to Wulingyuan Scenic Area in China.

That would be beautiful! If asked in highschool where you’d be in 15 years, would your friends have responded with a travel guru?

No, they probably would have said where I am right now…except rich.

You mean that wasn’t you I saw driving a Lamborghini Veneno? Alright, now for the tough one: What is the one thing you want to share with the complete stranger reading this right now?

To never forget that you always see things from just one perspective unless you really make an effort to look at it from other angles. Cynicism usually happens because you haven’t looked hard enough.

Man, that’s deep, and a great thing to remember! Let’s shift gears a little and find out more about your favorite technology. So Neil, iOS or Android?

iOS. I’ve spent a lot of time “in the weeds” doing pretty heavy development on each platform and seen Android develop from a hack of an unrelated platform to something much more modern and cohesive.

Spoken like a true engineer. What hardware / software do you use?

Mac: Reeder (with Newsblur), Tweetbot, 1Password, LaunchBar, Slack, Ghostery.
iOS: Waze, Overcast, Tweetbot, 1Password, Timehop, Adamant, Alto’s Adventure, NewsBlur, Periscope, Dark Sky.

Nice! Lastly, what’s your favorite feature of Internet Explorer?

The easter egg in IE 4

Couldn’t have picked a better one myself. Neil, it was a pleasure getting to know you! Thanks for your time and enjoy your claim to fame.

See ya!

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Thanks for joining as we learned more about one of our newest SitePenners! Maybe we can convince Neil’s family to host our next shindig in the Bahamas. Until then, grab a drink and your furry friend, and join us by the sea.