Do you know anyone that has the ability to make everyone smile? Can throw hilarious animated gifs into a chat conversation in less than a second? Who’s just plain fun to hang out with? We do! It’s Nick!

The first time we met, he was ready to bob for apples… in a horse mask. That same week he won a contest for funniest halloween costume (and trust me, it was pretty hilarious). Though we appreciate the many fun qualities that add to his amazing personality, there’s much more to Nick than witty puns and comical surprises. C’mon and see for yourself!

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Hi Nick! Our readers are excited to get to know you. Let’s start with where you’re currently living.

Hey Audrey, thanks! I’m living in Omaha, NE.

Ah, the cornhusker state. Speaking of husking corn, what are your favorite things to do? (Other than rocking it at SitePen, of course).

I help organize NEJS Conf, NebraskaJS, and Beer && Code Ohaha. And I love karaoke! My favorite songs to sing are Kiss by Prince and Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton.

I didn’t know we had a singer amongst the crowd! We’d love to hear your performances sometime. And very cool that you help organize events–we’re all about helping our local communities! It sounds like you’re already doing some pretty great things. What’s something left on your bucket list?

Buy a bucket.

Ha! But seriously, if asked in high school where you’d be in 15 years, how would your friends have responded?

“He’d be a happy bucket owner.”

I’m glad our audience is experiencing your humor first-hand 🙂 Since we’re feeling goofy, let’s talk Zombie Apocalypses: Samurai Sword or Crossbow?

Neither. It takes decades to become battle ready with a samurai sword. Also, I am not much of a sword aficionado, so have no idea if a samurai sword is authentic or not, and non-authentic swords are hardly ready for battle. A crossbow would also be a poor choice because it would run out of arrows too quickly to really be effective in the event of sudden reanimation. The best weapon in the event of a zombie apocalypse is silence… or a board with a nail in it!

Are Zombies scared of corn mazes? Maybe they’ll steer clear of Nebraska. I hope they’ll stay out of South Carolina, too! It just hit me, some of our readers may not realize we’re a distributed company. Can you tell us what you like most about working remotely?

I love working at home with my dog and two cats. I also have a desk at a dog-friendly coworking space for when I feel I just need to get out of the house. I also love hearing about my coworkers’ lives. SitePen is scattered across the country, so someone is always doing something interesting!

I agree! It’s great to hear what’s going on in different time zones. When keeping in touch with long-distance co-workers, do you use an iOS or Android?

iOS all the way — Sent from my Watch

And what about when you’re working? What hardware / software do you use?

vim + tmux + zsh = My perfect dev environment.

Nice. Well, that about wraps it up for our interview. Before we end, can you leave us with a fun fact?

I have never had ketchup and I don’t ever want to try it.

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And there you have it. Nick Nisi, everyone!