We’d like to introduce you to a gal who’s always bringing wit and interesting conversation to the table. She’s a rocking project manager and an expert at keeping our clients and team happy. Aside from her work at SitePen, she has an ongoing list of amazing talents. Everyone, get ready to meet Nita!

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Hey Nita! We’ve got a crowd here that’s waiting in anticipation to learn more about you! Let’s start with an easy one: where do you live?

Hi Audrey and crowd! I live in Minden, NV.

Minden, NV

Wow, that’s beautiful! Can you tell us about some of your favorite things to do?

Hmm, where to begin. I play principal oboe for Toccata Tahoe Symphony. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually playing Left 4 Dead and other games with my fellow SitePenners, practicing the oboe/oboe d’amore/English Horn, teaching music lessons, spending time in my garden (trying to avoid being bitten by everything I’m allergic to), or hiking in the mountains.

From music to teaching to engineering, you’re a woman of many skills. Were you always interested in these activities? I mean, if asked in high school where you’d be in 15 years, how would your friends have responded?

They would have said I’d be a professional oboist. I SURE FOOLED THEM.

Haha well, we’re happy you decided to join our team and rock it as a project manager! And you still manage to play oboe in a major symphony! Is there anything left on your bucket list?

This year I knocked two of the biggest items off of my list: Played a concerto with a full orchestra and finally went to Europe (Italy). I think my next goal would be to see a Mayan pyramid.

This keeps getting more interesting by the minute. Let’s keep up the momentum: what’s a fun fact about you?

I once played for Pavarotti when he came to Las Vegas!

Wow! I knew you wouldn’t let us down with that one. It’s fascinating to hear about your hobbies and amazing accomplishments. I’m sure our audience would also like to hear a little about your day-to-day.

Ask away!

When you’re hard at work, what hardware/software do you use?

I have a Macbook Pro with a Thunderbolt monitor. On OSX, I have two VirtualBox VMs: one (Vagrant) for poking around on Laravel, and a Linux Mint VM for general development. Laptop also dual boots into Windows 7 for games. I don’t know how it hasn’t fried itself. Also, I use Skype, Adium, HitList, Thunderbird, SublimeText, MySQL Workbench, and Toggl Desktop.

That sounds about right for a SitePenner (though half of it is over my head). And what do you like most about working remotely?

I don’t have to live in a big city. I can plop down in some rural area with cows for neighbors! Assuming, of course, the internet connection is decent. If I could get Google Fiber on a 10 acre farm, I’d be so happy.

Working remotely does have some pretty sweet benefits 🙂 Well, that about wraps things up. It has truly been a treat to hear from you! Thanks for letting us in on the interesting life of Nita Tune!

My pleasure!

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What did I tell you; is she talented or what? Also of note, Nita coordinates SitePen’s weekly Happy Hours and Left4Dead marathons, provides historical data on Minden’s sordid past (You do not want to know what the daily air siren’s were originally purposed for!) and provides humorous commentary on the life and times of her maniacal – but very cute – fur kids.

Until next time!