SitePen and uxebu are pleased to announce their first joint Dojo workshop in Munich, Germany. Come join some of the co-creators of Dojo on the 7th and 8th of May, 2009 to learn how to build great web sites and applications with Dojo. This new workshop will be an engaging experience for anyone wanting to learn more about Dojo!

Dojo has an incredible set of features—from the essential tools to build AJAXy Web2.0 applications, to a rich set of widgets, layout components and to “edge of the web” extensions, Dojo has you covered. If you or your team members are already using Dojo, this workshop can help you strengthen your skills and also learn about the latest tricks and tips around JavaScript and Dojo in particular. Raise your productivity by learning techniques to optimize applications and learn best practices for the development process by better knowing your tool set.


Course Description

Ajax and Web 2.0 development are easy to learn but take significant effort to master. This workshop accelerates the process by teaching you the essential knowledge and best practices needed to quickly become more productive with Dojo, the most widely used Ajax toolkit in enterprise application development.

Day 1, May 7, 2009

  • Kickoff
    • Course overview, getting set.
    • Getting comfortable with the development environment, tools including FireBug to do efficient Dojo development
    • Dojo core/base in depth: all the essentials for any web application or web site
  • Building applications the Dojo way
    • How do I structure my Dojo app?
    • Code architecture
    • Taking some shortcuts using functional approaches, AOP and other modern techniques.
  • Improving the User Experience with Dijit
    • dojo.fx, Dojo’s on-board effects system
    • Using Dijit
    • Customizing and styling existing widgets
    • Creating a custom widget using the DTL template language
  • Applied Dojo
    • Hands-on session to apply the lessons learned in Day 1 to start building an application

Day 2, May 8, 2009

  • Creating your own Dijit
    • Understanding the widget system in depth
    • Creating a new Dijit
    • Creating a Dijit theme
  • Real-time Dojo
    • Grids, Charts and
    • How to use cometD
  • Optimization
    • Verify your functionality using DOH testing
    • Getting the application into production – the Dojo build system
    • Profiling, Analyzing and Optimization of your application
  • Applied Dojo
    • Hands on session to create an application based on the lessons learned in this workshop

Though 16 hours is not enough time to cover every feature, we will show you the features that help you get the most out of Dojo and make you immediately productive with Dojo. At the end of the course, armed with your knowledge of the core Dojo features and many of the extras, you’ll know how to best leverage Dojo in your project. Throughout the workshop you will be guided through best practices and approaches for using Dojo, gaining insight from the SitePen and uxebu teams’ years of building web apps and creating the Dojo Toolkit.

By the end of this comprehensive workshop, you will know:

  • How to set up a Dojo application and use the Dojo Toolkit efficiently
  • The Core Dojo APIs and proper selection of APIs essential to development goals
  • How to debug your source code and optimize application performance
  • Secrets of expert developers in pragmatic and effective Dojo-based web development


All attendees will receive a copy of Dojo: The Definitive Guide. Additionally, if you stick around for another day, and join us for the next free on May 9th, 2009, this time with two special guests (guess who). A separate announcement will be made later with more details.

About the Instructors

You will get an excellent set of instructors for this event: Pete Higgins (Dojo Project Lead), Dylan Schiemann (co-founder of Dojo and SitePen), Nikolai Onken (co-founder of uxebu, Dojo community evangelist, and Dojo widget themes and CSS maestro), Tobias von Klipstein and Wolfram Kriesing (both co-founders of uxebu).


If you want to sign-up for the Dojo course, please send an email to workshop ( at ) and we will send you more information.