The 2018 edition of the Node+JS Interactive conference featured nearly 1,000 JavaScript and Node.js enthusiasts at the first combined event organized by the Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation. The event included nearly 100 sessions, panels, and community events designed to help grow and foster the JavaScript ecosystem. The big announcement this year was the intent of the two groups to merge into one large JavaScript foundation.

This year was SitePen’s first year attending the event, and we delivered two sessions, The Winding Road Towards JS Interoperability, which I presented, and Designing Accessibility for Other Developers by software engineer and accessibility expert Sarah Higley.

In Designing Accessibility for Other Developers, Sarah took a look at not only accessibility, but also creating accessible and ergonomic APIs. She explored the real-world benefits of how making more accessible systems is a good thing for all users.

In the my session, I spoke about The Winding Road Towards JS Interoperability. This topic is particularly interesting to me because it helps explain why there’s been so much fragmentation historically across different JavaScript frameworks, what has changed, and what remains to be done to make the ecosystem less siloed.

If you enjoyed our presentations and would like to talk more about accessibility or interoperability in the context of your application, let’s connect!