We’re very excited about our new commercial support offering for the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd. So what is SitePen Support and what do we have to offer?


When getting started with something different or new, there’s rarely documentation or a tutorial that addresses things in quite the right way. As such, we offer unlimited advice as part of most of our support packages. This is especially useful when you don’t quite know the right question to ask, or what the best approach is to solve a problem.

Fixes to the Dojo Toolkit, DWR, and Cometd

If something is just not working right in an open source project, and you need it fixed yesterday, we can step in and provide the necessary patch before it makes its way into the next release.

Fixes to Your Code

It’s not always easy to create a testcase, or to provide an example that works outside of your system. Our support services allow us to look at your code, under an NDA, and help identify and solve the problems with your code. Alex describes this and more advanced fixes as “lightweight consulting”, in that it fits somewhere between our traditional web application development services and a more traditional support model. Basically it’s a low friction way to get help with your app from our experts.

Dojo Toolkit-based Support System

SitePen Support Recent View Our support software is a Dojo Toolkit-based web app that makes it very easy to ask questions and get the help you need. You can, of course, ask questions by email or other methods, but we’re really proud of the stylish Dojo Toolkit-based user experience we provide while handling your support needs.


We also obviously want to offer support packages that work for you. If the standard packages don’t quite fit, please contact us with your requirements and we’ll create a package ideal for you.


By filling the gap between what users need and what’s reasonable for the community to provide, we’ll also be doing even more to improve the projects we support. When we improve a project for a support client, everyone using that project benefits. We will of course continue to make significant contributions to documentation and community support, and next week we’ll be releasing a new Dojo Toolkit Quick Start Guide. We’re also putting the finishing touches on the Dojo API Documentation Viewer, which should be ready for the 1.1 release later this month.

There’s a lot going on here beyond what you would typically find from a support package. If there is something else you’d like to know about support, something you would like to see us offer, or anything else I haven’t addressed, please add a comment or contact us.