Remember Figlets? They’re Back With Zend

By on September 4, 2008 11:58 am

Ajax, which was been a key goal for integration into the Zend Framework in the last release, also gets a boost. The Dojo Framework which is a popular Ajax library, will now be directly integrated into Zend Framework 1.6.

“What we’re really trying to go after here is to build the best framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and the Dojo integration is a huge part of that,” Sinclair said.

Dojo co-founder Dylan Schiemann, who is also CEO of Dojo Foundation member SitePen, is also optimistic about the integration of Dojo into PHP.

“It makes it easier for PHP and Zend Framework users to build better web applications using Dojo,” Schiemann told “We strive to make Dojo work with as many different servers and development environments as possible, and integration with Zend is a huge move forward towards that goal.”

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