Series: Server-Side JavaScript, Pintura, and Persevere 2.0

  • Multi-node: Concurrent NodeJS HTTP Server

    Multi-node: Concurrent NodeJS HTTP Server

    Kris Zyp | July 14, 2010

    NodeJS has demonstrated impressive performance potential as an HTTP server. By combining highly optimized HTTP parsing algorithms with the speedy V8 JavaScript engine and using an event-based architecture, Node has posted eye-opening request handling numbers. However, Node historically has been limited by its inability to provide true concurrent request handling, greatly limiting its ability to

  • Pintura JSGI Modules

    Pintura JSGI Modules

    Kris Zyp | March 4, 2010

    Pintura is a REST-style web framework that provides a comprehensive solution for Ajax-based thin-server applications. However, Pintura has a very modular design, and many of the modules in Pintura are extremely useful as standalone JavaScript/CommonJS components that can be used with Node, Narwhal and other projects. Let’s look at the JSGI middleware modules. JSGI middleware

  • CommonJS/JSGI: The Emerging JavaScript Application Server Platform

    CommonJS/JSGI: The Emerging JavaScript Application Server Platform

    Kris Zyp | January 19, 2010

    CommonJS (formerly known as ServerJS) has become the essential hub around the development of server side JavaScript (SSJS). SSJS for years has suffered from fragmentation, but the CommonJS project has provided the momentum to bring different frameworks together and start building interoperable modules. SSJS is ripe with potential; JavaScript has been soaring in popularity and

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