The Ajax Experience is this Monday October 23 through Wednesday October 25 in Boston. If it is anything like the one in San Francisco in May, it is going to be a great show.We are giving four talks at the conference. Alex Russell is giving two sessions on Tuesday morning: Intro to Dojo and Dojo in Depth. At the same time as Alex’s first session, Jesse Kuhnert of SitePen is teaming up with Howard Lewis Ship of Tapestry fame to give the talk “Tapestry and Dojo: The Peanut Butter and Jelly of the Ajax World”.

On Wednesday, Dustin Machi will be giving a talk called Dojo Cookbook, an advanced yet practical talk about tips and tricks with building complex web applications with Dojo.

Additionally, several of our friends from Dojo including Becky Gibson, Brad Neuberg, Greg Murray, David Boloker, Jon Ferraiolo, Abe Fettig, Greg Wilkins, Joe Walker, and Kevin Lawver are speaking, as well as a number of other interesting people including John Resig and Doug Crockford. It is shaping up to be an even better conference than the one in May. If you are attending, please take a chance to introduce yourself to Alex, Dustin, and/or Jesse.