SitePen Unplugged 2007

By on August 31, 2007 5:11 pm

SitePen has a distributed work model that allows members of its team to reside anywhere in the United States. Here at SitePen, we know that talented people do their best work in comfortable, customized environments, away from the blinding glare of fluorescent lighting, the back-breaking, $40 chair from Walmart, and the chatty Kathy who works two cubicles down and never shuts up.

As we continue to gain experience operating in this manner, we have learned that extra effort must be allocated to building community, strengthening communications, and growing together, as a whole. Virtual watercoolers only go so far, so on August 21, each and every employee of SitePen, Inc. loaded up their backups, jumped on planes in cities around the country, and traveled to the lower Klamath River for SitePen Unplugged 2007. We arrived on the river for three, fun-packed days and thanks to our friends at AT&T, there wasn’t an inkling of cell coverage for miles.

Given that we wanted to spend as much time as possible goofing off, we retained the services of Rogue Klamath River Adventures and selected the option titled “Pamper the Camper”. With tasks like pitching/striking camp, cooking, cleaning, etc. completely eliminated, we had oodles of time to pseudo-relax (pseudo because there’s always a lingering deadline just around the corner) in an atmosphere that reeked of boyish camaraderie and perhaps a smidge of tomfoolery. Bottom line: we’re like, really cool.


A very special thanks to the entire Rogue Klamath River Adventures team for a truly amazing experience and especially for getting us geeks back home in one piece!