Queued Overviewed

By on March 24, 2009 4:35 pm

Last month, we announced Queued, an open-source application for managing your Netflix Queue. Queued is a desktop application created with web technologies and techniques including the Dojo Toolkit, and it is distributed as an Adobe AIR application to provide several performance boosting benefits from living on the desktop.

At SitePen, we help our clients build great web applications. Most are not available for public consumption as they live behind company firewalls and/or require licensing. On the other hand, Queued is free and open-source software, BSD-licensed, and hosted on Google Code.

Getting Started with Adobe AIR

By on January 21, 2009 5:13 pm

As previously announced by Dylan Schiemann, SitePen has released the Dojo Extensions for Adobe AIR (dAIR) project that help make it simple to use Dojo into an AIR application. These extensions also simplify some of the more difficult AIR APIs by wrapping them and adding some syntactic sugar.

Working with Adobe AIR is a real treat for a web developer. You get to work with desktop features such as native drag and drop, system icons, reading and writing files, an encrypted SQLite database, and chrome-less, non-rectangular windows (even with HTML!). You also have access to all of the features of Flash, like audio and video, sound transforms, uploads and downloads, byte arrays, and Pixel Bender. Best of all, you get to have a single target environment, in WebKit — CSS3 selectors and styling, a super-fast JavaScript engine, and no compatibility issues with a certain browser.

Adobe worked hard at making desktop applications easy and accessible for web developers. I’ll explain the steps to get your development environment setup.

Announcing Dojo Extensions for Adobe AIR

By on November 12, 2008 8:58 am

I’m excited to announce a new BSD-licensed project created by SitePen and co-sponsored by Adobe: Dojo Extensions for Adobe AIR.

This new effort creates a new namespace, dair, making it even easier to create rich desktop apps, such as the Dojo Toolbox, using the Dojo Toolkit and Adobe AIR.

The extensions offer convenience methods for your application, wrapping many common AIR Patterns in Dojo-like constructors and providing an entire framework from which to grow. Built-in persistent storage, granular window control from creation to destruction, Window FX, Audio/Video helpers, and extra console debugging facilities are just the beginning.

This work was greatly inspired by our creation of the Dojo Toolbox. It simplifies Ajax application development on the AIR platform for not only Dojo users, but also anyone creating an Ajax application inside AIR. Thanks again to Adobe for helping make this possible.

I’ll be speaking in more detail about this on the afternoon of Monday, November 17th at Adobe MAX in San Francisco.

Visit the Dojo Extensions for Adobe AIR project page for full details, including a screencast, downloads, examples, documentation, and of course the source code and information on getting involved. Of course, if you need help creating a great AIR-based desktop app, contact us for more information on how we can assist you.