At SitePen, we’re dedicated to creating excellent user experiences and writing clean, beautiful code. Because of this, we’ve earned a reputation as being advocates, advisers and teachers to our friends, colleagues, and clients. As most people know, we’re also the creators, contributors and avid proponents of Dojo, THE JavaScript toolkit being endorsed by IBM, AOL, Sun Microsystems, and many, many more. It is truly, a 100% open source (BSD or AFL) technology that is absolutely free with no tricky licensing issues or EXTensive legal jargon.

Dojo’s thriving developer community and fortune 500 backing makes it the right choice for reputable and responsible companies who are also dedicated to best development practices. For developers and organizations just getting started, here’s our “FREE Top 10 and 100% FREE Dojo FREE Resource List!”

  1. Dojo API Viewer. A full-featured API documentation tool, generated from source code comments and documentation. Features include simple navigation, complete listings of an object’s fields, clear definitions of a field’s type, clear ancestry paths on a field, function parameters, source and examples.
  2. The Dojo Book. An online culmination of extensive examples and detailed explanations about all things Dojo, authored by dozens of Dojo community members.
  3. The Dojo Forums. A community support resource for your learning and research efforts, without thousands of answers to Dojo questions.
  4. The #dojo IRC channel on is the place to chat live with contributors and users of Dojo.
  5. Dojo Campus. An up and coming site that contains a collection of articles and demos about Dojo, as well as a feature-explorer showing off the capabilities of Dojo.
  6. Dojo Community Blogs. Popular Dojo blogs include the official Dojo blog, Planet Dojo, SitePen blog, and Ajaxian’s Dojo category.
  7. Dojo Trac. View open and recently fixed tickets, and easily browse the Dojo source tree using Dojo’s Trac instance. Because of Dojo’s very open nature, every code commit, ticket request, and comment can be viewed through Trac.
  8. Dojo Key Links. A reviewed collection of current and up to date tutorials, demos, and articles about Dojo.
  9. Dojo Presentations. SlideShare hosts a variety of conference slides from recent Dojo presentations.
  10. Dojo Documentation. Concise, easy-to-follow tutorials and a handy reference guide for getting up to speed quickly with the Dojo Toolkit.

Getting started with Dojo has never been easier and SitePen is always available to lend a helping hand! We offer Dojo training workshops, commercial Dojo support packages and of course, premier design and development services, brought to you by the best open source, web company around.