Welcome to 2012 – The Year of Dojo!  We are expecting an amazing year! Make SitePen your one stop shop for all of your web application needs: Dojo workshops, JavaScript support and web app development.  Together, with SitePen, you will meet your 2012 goals!  When you’re happy, so are we.

Learn Dojo – We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Dojo Toolkit workshops in the industry.  Whether you want to learn the basics of Dojo or sharpen your Dojo skills, we have a workshop just for you.  All of our Dojo Workshops are taught by our Dojo experts.  We promise you won’t be subjected to listening to some trainer who can’t live without his slides.  Wondering if our Dojo Workshops will cover Dojo 1.7?  The answer is yes!

Ready to learn Dojo?  Check out our full list of 2012 workshop dates and locations.  Sign up for any of our 2012 Dojo Workshops by January 31, 2012 with promo code IHEARTDOJO and get 10% off!

Here to help – Did you know we also have support plans to fit every size and every need?  No matter which support plan you choose, our expert engineers will help you by answering questions, resolving bugs, and solving problems. We offer no-hassle ways to get in touch with your SitePen Support team, which means no waiting on hold, or having to explain your issue over and over again until you get to the right person.  With us, you always have access to the right people. If your project runs in to a critical issue, our expert SitePen engineers will jump in to help you quickly get back on track. Oh, and yes, all of our support plans include support for dGrid and Dojo 1.7! Having a SitePen Support plan is preparing for possibilities.  Even football teams have backup quarterbacks.

From 2 support hours to 200 support hours, SitePen has a support plan to fit your needs.  Take a look!

Perfect match of design and development – We are your one stop shop for your next project, including mobile web applications! Our expert team will take your web application from concept to launch.  We’ve mastered the front end and are here to help you build powerful, simple, and usable web apps, every single time.

Whether you need a traditional web application, mobile web application or installable mobile web app store application, SitePen can help!

Still not sure how we can help you?  Contact us today! (You can even call us if you want.)  Celebrate 2012 – The Year of Dojo!