Want to learn Dojo in 2013?  Great! We want to teach you and coincidentally we have just completed a total revamp of our entire line of Dojo Workshops!

Free Workshop!

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Since this is the season for giving, we've decided to do just that!  We are giving away our Dojo 101: Fundamentals workshop ($649 value) for FREE when you sign up for Dojo 201: Interfaces or Dojo 202: Architecture. Just register before December 31, 2012 and enter promo code FREE101!

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Exciting New Dojo Workshops!

We have rewritten, revamped and reinvigorated all of our Dojo workshops!   These are exciting adventures into best practices of Dojo 1.8 with more hands-on coding and activities than ever before!

dotBuh-bye static Keynote slides

Developed using Dojo 1.8, we have created a new web-based presentation system that uses WebSockets to keep all student viewers in sync with our trainer during the course. It also allows the student to disconnect from the trainer to navigate through the materials at their leisure.

dotRunnable inline code samples

Instead of static examples of code in a keynote slide, there are dozens of runnable code samples throughout our workshops where the code is displayed right in the browser, and the student can click on the "Run" button to see the code in action.

Seeing is believing…

It’s even better in person!

Sign up today and get Dojo 101 for FREE

Sign up for any of our Dojo 201: Interfaces or Dojo 202: Architecture workshops for 2013 before December 31, 2012 (promo code FREE101) and you will be automatically enrolled for the Dojo 101: Fundamentals workshop in the same city for free!  What are you waiting for?

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