We’re speaking at and/or attending a number of upcoming events and conferences. We hope to see you there!

  • May 20-23: Alex will be attending the IEEE Privacy and Security Symposium in Oakland, CA. Prior to our Dojo days, Alex spent most of his time thinking about security.
  • May 23-25: I’ll be conducting a 3-day Dojo Training Course in London. The course will focus on Dojo 0.4, but will explain many of the changes happening in 0.9 as we work through the relevant topics.
  • May 24: While in London for the training course, I’ll lead an evening discussion about Dojo 0.9.
  • May 31: A few of us from the SitePen team will be attending the Google Developer Day in Mountain View to hang out and learn more about the latest Google Developer APIs.
  • June 11-15: Alex and I will present about Dojo at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco. We’re very excited to get to meet and talk with the Apple developer community, the people that create the applications we use every day.
  • June 29: Alex will be conducting a 1-day Dojo Training Course in San Francisco. The course will focus on both Dojo 0.4 and 0.9.
  • July 25-27: While Alex gives a half-day Ajax tutorial at O’Reilly’s OSCON, I will be giving a pair of talks on Dojo and Comet at the Ajax Experience in San Francisco.
  • August 3: I will be repeating our 1-day Dojo Training Course in Chicago.
  • September 6-8: Alex (and possibly others from SitePen) will be speaking at the Rich Web Experience conference in San Jose.
  • September 24-26: I will be speaking about Dojo 1.0 at the AjaxWorld Expo in Santa Clara, CA.
  • October 17-19: I will be giving a pair of talks on Dojo and on Vector Graphics at the Grails eXchange in London. I plan to conduct another 3-day Dojo training session before or after this event.
  • October 24-26: A number of us will be presenting at the Boston Ajax Experience about Dojo. Details to follow.

That’s a lot of travel and a lot of conferences for the next six months. We really enjoy attending and speaking at conferences because we get to meet a lot of great people and talk about the things we love to do, which makes it worth the time and effort.