Upcoming talk on vector graphics and comet with Dojo

On October 2, I will be giving a new talk at the AjaxWorld Expo about vector graphics and comet with Dojo. These are two very exciting pieces to the web application puzzle that we feel are going to significantly advance what is possible for developers.

People that know me are aware that I have been pusing vector graphics for years. With the hard work of the Dojo community, and the support of browser vendors, we now have native vector graphics capabilities available to us using the DOM and dojo.gfx. This allows us the capability to declaratively draw across platforms with a single API, and retain access to the DOM (in contrast to canvas). Gavin Doughtie and Eugene Lazutkin are working on a number of interesting dojo.gfx demos.

Comet is the missing piece for true asynchronous web application development. We’ve worked with Renkoo and their highly performant, enhanced mod_pubsub, we’re supporting work on the Cometd Dojo Foundation project, and we’re working with other comet server vendors to simplify integration between their server, and the Dojo Toolkit.

I’ll close with a quick visual comparison between Comet and Ajax:

Comet overview


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