Why Dojo?

Note: The Dojo Quick Start Guide posts – while still relevant – are a bit dated. Please visit http://dojotoolkit.org/documentation/ for expert tutorials and API documentation to help you get up and running with Dojo.

The Dojo Toolkit is an open-source JavaScript toolkit useful for building great web applications. It aims to shorten the timespan between idea and implementation by providing an exceptionally well conceived API and set of tools for assisting and fixing the issues experienced in everyday web development. It is lightning fast, extremely robust, and supplies a solid set of tools for DOM manipulation, animations, Ajax, event and keyboard normalization, internationalization (i18n) and accessibility (a11y). Dojo Base is a single, lightweight 27KB entity “across the wire.” Dojo is completely free, liberally licensed (AFL or BSD), and transparently developed by an active group of developers with a strong community presence.

No matter the size of your projects, Dojo is the ultimate scalable solution to your development woes. The built-in package system ends the headache of tracking dependencies, the build system combines and shrinks optimized “layers” of code for deployment, and D.O.H. makes unit and regression testing a breeze.

The add-ons

In addition to all the great tools available in the Base dojo.js, using the powerful package system, you can add functionality to your application through simple dojo.require() calls. Dojo Core includes great tools such as drag and drop, advanced Ajax transports, string utilities, a powerful data API, and hundreds of others to use to easily make exceptional rich internet applications.

Endless possibilities

The Dojo Toolkit also comes pre-packaged with a project called Dijit, a system for using and creating encapsulated, reusable components or widgets. The system provides accessible, extensible, themeable components to drop into your web applications and sites, and a solid API for streamlining the development of your own widgets or customizing the behavior of existing widgets.

Cutting edge technology

With Dojo, many of the latest and greatest technologies are at your fingertips. Buzz words like Web 2.0, Ajax, and Comet provide a great starting point to describe the experience you’ll be creating. dojox.gfx, dojox.charting and Dojo Offline quickly go beyond the hype, pushing the limits of the web experience to new heights. HTML5 and features targeting mobile devices are also included.

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