Good news everyone!

Now that summer is over, there’s no more heat to complain about! That just leaves, ah yes, the bitter cold. Sure, maybe you’ve been handling it well enough so far by staying busy with holiday planning, but what happens when the New Year comes? Suddenly nobody is “Dreaming of a white…” anything, anymore.

Your best hope is escape. And for that, we have a plan!

Winter Protection Program

Hello there, Brudolph

Pack your bags, leave it all behind and join us in the Phoenix area for sunshine, warm weather and, oh right, hands-on Dojo workshops.

Our expert approach and guided development by Dojo co-founder Dylan Schiemann, together with live code examples and tons of reference material go great with sunscreen and a cool beverage (Margarita, Señoras y Señors?).

Half the cost, twice the temperature

Register by December 31 with promo code HOLIDAY2014 and you’ll save 50%!