Zend Framework and the Dojo Toolkit

By on May 21, 2008 8:00 am

Using the Dojo Toolkit with the Zend Framework is now a lot easier. Today Zend announced their partnership with Dojo to deliver “out-of-the-box Ajax and rich user interfaces for sites developed in Zend Framework”.

For the initial release with this integration in place, focus is on the following areas:


Zend’s JSON server now supports JSON-RPC, which makes it easy to work with Dojo, which supports both the 1.0 final and 2.0 draft specifications of JSON-RPC (thanks in no small part to the hard work of SitePen’s Dustin Machi and Kris Zyp).

dojo() View Helper

There are a lot of options on how to get the version of Dojo that you need for optimal performance, and Zend’s dojo() View Helper makes the following easier to manage:

  • loading dojo.js from the AOL CDN or a local path
  • load additional dojo, dijit, or dojox modules
  • specifying custom modules and paths
  • specifying code to run at onLoad()
  • custom css/themes
  • managing different dojo load options across pages of an application

Form Element implementations

Widgets, validation, and consistency with Zend_Form’s design make it easy when creating form-based interfaces.

dojo.data Compatibility

Zend will offer a component that creates dojo.data compatible payloads to tie a database or server-side data source to Dijits inside your web application.

Big Picture

As you can tell, this integration effort is designed to make life easier for people using Zend and Dojo. On the Dojo side, we’re seeing a number of integrations happening with server-side frameworks, and we expect this trend to continue in order to make what’s possible today easier so we can continue to push the limits of the Open Web.