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Leading Edge Projects

While everyone else was building apps with Angular.js or Backbone, we were busy working on modern fullstack JavaScript and TypeScript architectures, prioritizing developer ergonomics, and developing frameworks for high-performance, sustainable Web apps. We invent tomorrow’s technologies to make the Web better, faster, and easier every day. And you can be part of it!

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An Amazing Team

SitePen has one of the most talented and engaged software development teams around. If you’re self-motivated, know how to throw out a bad pun, get a kick out of Internet memes, and have a passion for Web development, solving difficult problems, and building open source software, you’ll fit right in.

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Getting Things Done

When you’re part of the SitePen team, you’ll always be working on something new and interesting. Our flat organizational structure and collaborative management style gives everyone the opportunity to take initiative without any middle managers getting in the way.

Some Super Things About Working Here

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Zero Commute Time

The only traffic you’ll ever get stuck in is a series of tubes.
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Seven weeks paid vacation

With one month of personal time off plus a week of sick time plus ten paid holidays per year, you can finally test that model rocket.
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really good health insurance

Once our fountain of youth is finished, we hope to save a bundle on healthcare.
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Our plan administrator thought we were nuts to do a match. He also thought he was a squirrel. Kinda awkward.
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We’re not saying you’re accident-prone, but we do want to make sure all those first aid kits won’t lead to bankruptcy.
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With all the sweet things you’ll be doing, our dental plan makes sure the sugar won’t rot your teeth.
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You’re the boss of your time. For your own sake, we hope you’re not a bad boss.
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We are, of course, referring to developing amazing Web apps. We don’t really need a lepidopterist.
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With their spectacular wit, intellect, and good looks, SitePenners are one of the best reasons to work here.

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