Case Study

Built Technologies

It’s rare that a technology startup successfully creates a product that solves real-world problems and engages customers on their first try. So what happens when that very success creates growing pains for the company?
Technologies Involved

The Situation

Built Technologies offers the leading software for construction lenders. Built creates a safe, secure digital tool to help customers reduce risk when funding complex development projects and gives builders better cash flow management oversight.

Because demand for its unique application features was increasing quickly, Built needed to rapidly scale its existing platform while reengineering their next generation solution.

The Solution

SitePen worked with Built Technologies to meet competing priorities which included legacy application maintenance and next gen build out to proactively meet the demands of continued business growth. In addition to conducting a full TypeScript modernization and conversion to improve developer ergonomics and ensure best practices, we also established a proactive, integrated testing solution and put the right tools in place to identify problematic patterns to prevent the accumulation of technical debt going forward. These were significant DevOps refinements that would drive efficiency and long-term sustainability across platforms, laying the foundation for its maturing development team.

SitePen’s development approach prioritized architecture, reusable components and engrained best practices to help speed future development efforts within Built Technologies’ development discipline and design system guidelines.

SitePen not only had the technical enterprise application expertise, but worked closely with us to find the right platform that would meet our requirements. They went beyond the initial scope and identified a testing gap that really added value to our operations.
Matthew Russell
Then-CTO, Built

The Result

Built Technologies could more quickly add critical features to meet customer needs while maintaining a stable code base. Built now has a clear path to transition from aging technologies to a more modern, nimble architecture.

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