Case Study

Fannie Mae

Today’s engineering teams are faced with the daunting challenge of translating the needs of intricate business processes into software solutions. SitePen’s leadership and expertise in UX design, application architecture and engineering allows Fannie Mae to deliver powerful solutions to support the needs of their demanding power users.
Technologies Involved
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The Situation

Fannie Mae was looking to accelerate the design and development of its real time, data-heavy platform and receive leading industry expertise in the architecture, development and optimization of complex, business-critical web applications.

The Solution

Fannie Mae has built a trusted partnership with the SitePen team as it continues to empower its users with the most resilient applications for their day-to-day success.

For nearly a decade, SitePen has provided ongoing expertise around application architecture and design, and both client-side and server-side engineering. The SitePen team has substantial experience in building efficient, complex enterprise web applications and helped Fannie Mae:

  • Solve challenges with critical applications including real-time scalability with very large data sets and complex business logic.
  • Modernize software architecture and DevOps to improve the reliability and efficiency of adding and releasing new features.
  • Bridge the gap that often exists between the business and engineering teams through the design of enterprise applications for advanced user scenarios.
  • Accelerate the migration of enterprise applications from legacy to modern software architecture based on Fannie Mae’s preferred architectural standards.
We originally used SitePen to help develop functionality in areas where we either had no expertise or little time. Now they’re our go-to for full products.
Head of Digital Products
Fannie Mae

The Result

SitePen collaborated with Fannie Mae teams with multiple applications and development groups for major functionality releases, application rearchitectures and redesigns, and major technology and architecture upgrades. With SitePen’s guidance and support, Fannie Mae has made significant strides in improving automated testing and other DevOps refinements. They also received coaching and mentoring to improve and sustain engineering best practices.

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