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Growth for a company often comes with change, which can provide its own set of challenges. Providing a stable enterprise application, aligning with new technologies, rolling out new features to meet the needs of the business, and giving users a consistent experience are often competing priorities for the enterprise. What’s the best way to maintain productivity and usability as an application grows well beyond its original mission?
Technologies Involved
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The Situation

Marriott was an early adopter of web-based technologies, having built many critical business applications that leveraged early technologies such as Java applets and Java Server Pages (JSPs). These technologies, however, eventually impeded its ability to iterate and provide a modern user experience. As more users came to rely on these systems, the effort required to maintain and grow the applications became increasingly difficult to manage, blocking high priority business objectives.

The Solution

SitePen provided senior technical expertise and leadership to help Marriott forge a new path in developing its mission-critical applications. SitePen migrated several applications to new interfaces and technologies, which maximized both developer and user productivity and usability. These new application interfaces were designed to integrate with the existing infrastructure to ensure that critical business logic was retained throughout.
SitePen’s expertise and quality of work is consistently exceptional. They are a trusted and valued partner.
Sr. Software Engineer
Marriott International

The Result

With SitePen’s leadership, knowledge, and ability to meet complex requirements within estimates, Marriott created maintainable and extensible business applications that satisfy all stakeholder needs. The platform is much easier to use and removes silos between business processes, leading to more actionable insights and increased team productivity.

With an updated front-end platform, Marriott is able to continuously modernize their data-heavy applications to improve usability and sustainability over time. Due to the streamlined workflows resulting from the new system, Marriott can increase focus on maximizing revenue and achieving business objectives.

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