Case Study
Social Knowledge
Project: RV LIFE

RV LIFE helps campers simplify their adventures before, during, and after their journeys. The realm of mobile app development is continuously evolving and Social Knowledge needed to accelerate their efforts to refactor their codebase and remove existing obstacles.

The Situation

The Social Knowledge team builds RV LIFE with a mix of native and web technologies, leveraging their existing expertise while providing users with features only supported via native applications. Social Knowledge wanted to modernize the code structure and development process for their RV LIFE trip management application.

The Solution

SitePen provided technical expertise and development support to directly assist with modernization and give Social Knowledge new tools to improve code quality. This included:

  • Upgrading foundational and supporting libraries used by the application including React Native to bring in performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Converting the application's JavaScript codebase to TypeScript and setting up automatic code validation to improve the development experience and the resulting code quality
  • Updating the application's React components to use modern, performance-first approaches through reduced indirection and increased memoization
  • Configuring an end-to-end testing infrastructure capable of both testing individual components and verifying complex user experiences
  • Providing documentation and support to Social Knowledge developers as they worked in tandem to complete additional identified improvements

The Result

SitePen modernized the RV LIFE codebase, upgraded the DevOps experience, and helped the Social Knowledge team immediately gain benefits from an accelerated upgrade. Social Knowledge's developers also gained a more in-depth understanding of React Native and TypeScript best practices. Together, these outcomes improved Social Knowledge’s effectiveness with RV LIFE’s ongoing development, allowing them to bring new features to market more efficiently.

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