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Social Knowledge
Project: Trip Wizard

Social Knowledge had a powerful application that was created in a pre-ES2015 world and it was becoming increasingly difficult to efficiently make updates and improvements to its platform. Social Knowledge needed to accelerate their modernization efforts to streamline and modernize their development efforts.

The Situation

As the state of web application development changes and matures, products built on previous-generation technologies reach their end of life and need to get rebuilt to gain significant advantages of the web platform. Social Knowledge was faced with that and wanted to make sure its improvements were the right ones that would position the app for continuous modernization into the future.

The Solution

SitePen provided the leadership and cross-functional expertise needed to execute on a complete rewrite of the architecture that improved performance, maintainability, and modernity of the application.

Considering Social Knowledge’s long-term goal of having both a responsive website and moving into native apps in the future, SitePen leveraged the React Native Web library. This library makes native component syntax available for both web-based apps and isolated business logic, helping Social Knowledge increase future efficiency by re-using this architecture for future native application development.

Leveraging the Jest JavaScript testing framework, SitePen authored unit tests for state logic and snapshot tests for widgets, providing solid test coverage for prop-driven components. The snapshot results automatically get saved, allowing for comparison when re-running tests after each new feature gets implemented, giving Social Knowledge’s developers confidence that changes would not introduce regressions.

The Result

In one big step, SitePen eliminated the weighty technical debt of an outdated front-end technology stack and helped put Social Knowledge on a sustainable path with better development possibilities in their new React environment.

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