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JavaScript is no longer confined to web browsers, and neither are we. Our deep and extensive expertise allows us to produce exceptional results where ever JavaScript runs.

JavaScript Web Development

JavaScript began its life in the browser, and that is still where it is most commonly found. We started SitePen with the mission of pushing the limits of what JavaScript could do in this, then novel, environment, and haven't stopped since. Our success depended upon our ability to learn the nuances of each browser's JavaScript API and how to work with them to deliver a unified experience. This focus on the fundamentals allows us to push modern browsers and frameworks to their limits. We don't take frameworks and their documentation at face value - we dig deeply into the underlying code to fully understand how the frameworks work. By thoroughly understanding the technologies, we can quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that perform exceptionally well while also being scalable and maintainable.

Server-Side Applications

Node.js allowed JavaScript to break out of the browser and start running on servers as well. While the language remains the same, Node.js development is very different. Our engineers are dedicated to learning and often contributing to the most common server-side JavaScript libraries and frameworks. We take pride in our track record of delivering full-stack applications that integrate seamlessly and are well supported by suites of automated tests.

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript has earned its reputation as the most commonly executed language in the world. Billions of lines of code run every day in client web browsers, and Node.js powered servers. In 2013, the Electron project allowed JavaScript to conquer another frontier - native applications. Unlike server-side JavaScript, these native apps handled everything from user interactions to database management. In response to this new revolution, our team did what it has always done - we followed JavaScript into this new world and have mastered the unique challenges that native app development brings. In many cases, we can use these tools to create applications with the ideal setup - a common language the works on client browsers, web servers, and users' mobile devices.

Why Choose SitePen as Your JavaScript Development Company

SitePen was founded on the idea that JavaScript was going to change how we interact with web applications. While that sounds obvious now, things weren't quite as clear when we started this journey 20 years ago when Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer dominated the browser market. We immediately started pushing the limits of what JavaScript could do and haven't stopped experimenting since.

Over time, JavaScript has grown. The language has become more powerful and flexible, and the ecosystem has expanded due to projects such as Node.js and TypeScript. Today, JavaScript has proven itself as one of the only languages that can successfully deliver every part of an enterprise application from the data layer to the user interface.

JavaScript Development Frameworks

It is almost impossible to learn every JavaScript framework. While we do try to keep an eye on the broader landscape, we focus our efforts on mastering a few frameworks that are ideal tools for creating enterprise-grade applications.

Angular Development

When introduced in 2010, AngularJS accomplished what no other framework had; it established itself as a default solution for enterprise development. Today, the Angular project continues to provide a comprehensive set of tools and best practices to support the creation of world-class applications. Angular, however, is a complex project and requires extensive knowledge and experience to unlock its benefits. To maximize our effectiveness, we have cultivated a relationship with the Angular core team. This relationship allows us to build Angular applications that take advantage of today's best practices while keeping the door open to adopting future enhancements as the framework evolves.

React Development

React is a fast, lightweight user-interface library that can deliver fantastic performance without the overhead of a complicated application framework. When combined with a data-management library, such as Redux, React gains much of the capabilities of an extensive framework while allowing developers the freedom to organize the project without the strictures that a framework brings. Our team has successfully deployed projects of all sizes using the React ecosystem, including React Native - an implementation that allows JavaScript applications to run as native applications on desktop and mobile platforms.

Node.js Development

To effectively use Node.js, developers need to master its non-blocking IO model. As a single-threaded language, JavaScript applications can be crippled by long-running tasks that block the main process. Our team leverages decades of experience to write asynchronous code that is not only functional but readable as well. This critical skill allows us to develop and enhance applications as requirements are refined, and new use-cases are discovered.

Our JavaScript Development Process

Our development partnership with you starts the moment you reach out to us. Our solution architects will work with you to understand your goals and gather the background information that informs our entire development process. Our project management, senior designers, and technical leads will take this information and develop high-level project plans before you even see a contract. We will then work with you to ensure that we agree upon a set of clear, achievable goals. Throughout the development process, we stay in constant contact with you. As we all learn more about the project, we'll find areas that need to be refined and changed. We will work with you to integrate these changes into the plan so that the software reflects all of the lessons we learned during its development.

Enterprise Industry Expertise

Among SitePen's greatest strengths is its wide-ranging experience across multiple industries. We have worked with some of the largest names in multiple markets with each engagement serving to refine our ability to address each enterprise's individual needs.

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JavaScript Development FAQs

What Are The Benefits Of JavaScript Development?

The JavaScript language is one of the only languages that has achieved the long-pursued goal of executing on any platform. This unique trait allows a team of developers to master a single language while maintaining the ability to focus that mastery on every aspect of an application. Additionally, the aggressive optimizations that have been made to each platform's JavaScript runtime allow applications that run at near-native speeds.

Why Hire SitePen JavaScript Developers?

SitePen was founded on the premise that JavaScript would become the most important language of our time. Today, JavaScript is the most commonly used language in software projects and our decades of experience allow us to maximize the impact of every line of code. Whether your project involves refreshing a legacy jQuery-based application or developing a cutting edge mobile application using React Native, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations.

Which JavaScript Framework is Best?

Every application has a unique blend of opportunities and constraints. Similarly, every JavaScript framework is optimized to best solve a specific set of problems. For applications with a complex set of business rules and large development teams, we often find that the strong opinions of the Angular framework are a good fit. For applications with smaller teams or less rigorous business rules, React's flexibility will often deliver superior results. These, however, are very general guidelines. Our team will perform a detailed analysis of your requirements to recommend the ideal mix of libraries and frameworks to balance your software system's speed, accuracy, and reliability.

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