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Is TypeScript Development Right for Your Needs?

To answer this question we first need to understand what TypeScript is. In summary TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2012. It was designed to address the challenges of using JavaScript to perform development for large applications such as those used by enterprises. Microsoft developed it while trying to solve their own internal development needs and later released it to the public.

TypeScript, sometimes abbreviated simply as "TS" was so successful that even rival Google used it to develop the Angular framework for JavaScript. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript allowing it to have full compatibility with JavaScript libraries, frameworks and applications and can be used to create software with React, Vue, Node or any other technology within the JS ecosystem.

In general, most clients may not necessarily specify specific expertise in TypeScript development unless they have an existing project written specifically in this language. TypeScript developers prefer a TypeScript development environment because it is highly scalable and has specialized tools for syntax and debugging, which are not available in JavaScript. This simplifies development for large codebases which might contain JS based errors that would otherwise remain undetected.

TypeScript cannot be rendered or run in a browser or server. It must be compiled down into JavaScript in a process called transpiling. Therefore, all programs created and written in TypeScript are actually run in JavaScript, ensuring compatibility with the existing ecosystem of JavaScript engines.

Enterprise App Development

For globally recognized brands, corporate clientele, and large businesses, TypeScript development is an ideal approach to large scale application development. SitePen is an expert in TypeScript development services and has a wide range of expertise deploying TypeScript solutions for enterprise clientele.

TypeScript is an ideal development platform for enterprise applications because of its compatibility with the full ecosystem of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, while providing a more robust development environment for large applications. Since JavaScript is used for everything from native apps, websites, and backend systems, TypeScript is an ideal choice to build platforms as a superset to JavaScript.

As a large brand or corporation, you may have an entire suite of software applications ranging from consumer mobile apps, business productivity and internal applications, a client-facing website, employee web-portal, and a comprehensive monolithic backend system to power the entire ecosystem. Because of the sheer volume of different development languages, it is possible for each of these components to be developed in an entirely different codebase, requiring vast teams with disparate expertise to scale, enhance or even maintain the infrastructure.

TypeScript presents an ideal solution for enterprise application development. It allows for a single development codebase to be utilized and deployed across all technology properties. SitePen can provide the proper planning, architecture and expertise to refactor your code and develop you out of technical debt.

Our TypeScript Development Process

Before a TypeScript application can be developed, we must understand the needs of our client first. We will first start by working with you or your team to perform a formal requirements gathering session. This will involve scoping the application out from a feature and expected functionality standpoint. Once we have compiled the proper feature and functionality list we may wireframe these out to solidify the user interface and get on the same page with you as the client.

In some cases, we may be drawing up specifications for an application that runs on an existing platform, refactoring a backend system, or adding to or enhancing upon one. In these cases a user interface design and wireframing process is not needed, as we may continue to rely on the existing interfaces that your company is currently running on.

We can work closely with your enterprise software development teams, or a single point of contact such as a technical lead, product manager or project manager. TypeScript web development can occur as a staff augmentation arrangement, involving working closely with your teams, or as a full standalone effort where our teams build out the entire system, exclusively.

Is TypeScript Frontend or Backend?

TypeScript is neither a frontend or backend language, but rather a superset of the already established and well-known software language, JavaScript. That being said, since JavaScript can be used for both the front end and backend, and since TypeScript compiles into JavaScript, then it can be said and understood that TypeScript supports both the front end and backend. The distinction here is that the front end browser or backend webserver do not actually run TypeScript natively.

The beauty of TypeScript is that it works wherever JavaScript is already used, and JavaScript is one of the most versatile software languages used in the modern development world. TypeScript can be used to create mobile applications, websites, web applications, desktop applications, backend systems and applications, and many other types of programs. In this way, the possibilities are nearly limitless, but the primary benefit is a single development approach that is enterprise-ready, and results in a true cross-platform solution.

The result is that large scale projects can be designed and built by a team of more tightly focused developers, nearly negating the need to staff multiple teams managing entirely separate codebases, and requiring very carefully coordinated deployment processes. This ultimately reduces the cost of development, enhancements and maintenance without any necessary reduction in the robustness or scale of the software technology.

TypeScript Consultation

SitePen staffs a team of highly capable TypeScript developers. We encourage you to reach out to us to set up a consulting session to learn more about why TypeScript might be an ideal fit for your organization. While this page is dedicated to explaining our expertise and rationale behind TypeScript web development services, we do not believe in forcing any of our potential clients down a specific path. We are willing and able to find the optimal solution for your organization’s specific needs.

We would love to learn more about your project. TypeScript can help save a significant amount in costs and is an ideal solution for a ground up development project or as a solution to refactor existing code. We can help migrate your current platform should the need arise.

We offer a quick turnaround on quotes, and provide some of the most competitive rates and prices in our market. While other companies utilize bulky, and dated software languages, SitePen operates entirely within a lean ecosystem of light client but highly robust frameworks.

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