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SitePen’s answer to modern web engineering is Dojo Framework, a reactive TypeScript first framework that approaches application development with a continuing focus on the requirements of the Enterprise and the engineers who support it.

Modern Dojo builds on many of the lessons learned from our experience building and maintaining the Dojo Toolkit. Progress on Dojo Toolkit started to slow due to the time in which it was built. It needed to define many features years before they were standardized, but today it’s possible to leverage modern APIs and standards. Today’s JavaScript ecosystem is far more powerful and flexible, making it much easier to create something powerful that co-exists with the ecosystem rather than needing to create its own solution for every engineering challenge. But to be successful in creating JavaScript apps today, it often requires a wealth of knowledge and a substantial collection of decisions to make before productivity can be achieved. Modern Dojo also makes it super easy to update to newer versions of the framework through powerful CLI tools.

Dojo Framework aims to:

  • Remove Decision Paralysis – Dojo provides excellent out-of-the-box default decisions, while making it possible to change or override those defaults. This allows teams to be productive quickly while creating high performance applications by default.
  • Guide Engineers – Dojo provides an approach that helps engineers build applications with good architecture and performance best practices by default. For example, Dojo applications are PWAs by default, and provide incredibly simple approaches for rendering optimizations, code-splitting, and other performance without needing to rewrite application logic.
  • Provide Developer Ergonomics – Dojo aligns with modern standards and patterns without the cognitive overload of every design decision. For example, Dojo currently leverages webpack for various build optimizations, but most applications built with Dojo will never need to think about webpack configuration as Dojo does the right thing based on the application architecture. Dojo provides efficient tooling for creating and testing applications and UI widgets, type safety and accuracy via efficient TypeScript ergonomics, and much more.
  • Results – Dojo provides a modern Reactive framework leveraging TypeScript and by default creates applications with high performance, excellent architecture, efficient ergonomics, and alignment with modern standards. The result is applications that get engineered more efficiently, have incredible performance, and lower total cost of ownership due to ease of testing and maintenance.

Dojo provides a stable foundation for users to build performant, extensible, and sustainable applications for the future.

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