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We recognized the potential TypeScript had all the way back in 2013. By embracing rather than trying to replace JavaScript, we knew that TypeScript could bring significant tooling improvements to the language we already loved through its addition of optional typing, interfaces, and static analysis tooling. By 2014, we were already experimenting with how to utilize TypeScript to bring order to the mayhem of large-scale web application development.

To us, TypeScript is not a language. It’s a tool used to better write JavaScript by providing intelligent code completion, refactoring, and validation to applications. TypeScript can (and is!) changing the face of web application development as we know it.

We continue to be avid proponents of TypeScript, partnering with Microsoft to present the first-ever TypeScript conference starting in 2018, building the modern Dojo Framework, a TypeScript-first framework for building enterprise-scale web applications and advocating for its use to improve our customers’ development organizations. Because of these things, we fancy ourselves contributors to its fast growing community!

Open Source Software Contributions

With over a decade of experience developing large-scale web applications, SitePen creates, maintains, contributes to, and supports open source software that prioritizes the needs of enterprises and developers alike.

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