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Cross platform application development is a software development methodology that is designed to enable the simplified deployment of a unified software architecture across various mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

These operating systems typically rely on different codebases to power the applications that run on them. As such a mobile app built specifically on Android might be developed natively in Kotlin, while a similar app built for iOS might be developed in its native language, Swift. The challenge with application development across multiple disparate operating systems is that it requires specialized software teams with expertise in each software language. Since these languages are unrelated, efforts to build from one operating system to another must essentially, be duplicated. This ultimately results in increased software development time and cost.

The alternative is to approach this problem using cross platform development. The process involves creating a software application in a single codebase, and then using cross platform app development frameworks to deploy this singular codebase across multiple operating systems. An example of such a framework is React Native, which uses a native layer to interface with each operating system’s native architecture, with hooks into a common web language, in this case JavaScript.

This development approach is also related to cross platform desktop app development, whereby this unified software architecture is deployed across desktop apps across various desktop operating systems such as MacOS and Windows.

Cross Platform Application Development

Why cross platform development? The advantage of leveraging cross platform app development and cross platform desktop development is that it reduces the time and cost to develop and maintain a mobile, web and/or a desktop application. By utilizing a single development language, and leveraging a cross platform app development framework’s native tie-ins, the need for separate teams with duplicated efforts is eliminated.

While this approach solves the issue of developing on multiple platforms, a cross platform app development company must also consider the effect it has on the application’s User Interface. In order to properly account for the various operating systems and viewing formats, an understanding of cross platform UI development is also required. This discipline entails creating a modular design in which components such as menu navigation, feeds, views and other design elements can be reorganized within a user interface with relative ease as the need arises. For example, a single app that is designed to be used for desktop, web, and mobile, will need to account for the various screen sizes of each platform. A mobile app has considerably less screen real estate when operating on a smartphone, when compared to a tablet. A web browser on a laptop might have less screen real estate than a desktop application on a 27” desktop like the iMac. Successful implementation of cross platform UI development will enable a designer to create a user interface that can be seamlessly integrated across multiple platforms.

Why Develop with SitePen

SitePen is a leading cross platform app development company based in the USA. We have expertise in performing cross platform app development services and have been helping our customers develop software over the past 20 years.

We can provide our cross platform application development solutions to enterprise clients and small businesses, alike. We’ve executed high performing software solutions for clients like Fannie Mae, and Marriott International, and have developed award-winning products for countless small business and startups. As an experienced team we have a formal design, development and testing process and utilize best practices in project management and software development. We are experts in Agile Project Management, allowing us to work closely with our clients to ideate, iterate, and build in a seamless and collaborative process.

SitePen’s mission statement is rooted in three core functional values. They are knowledge, respect and integrity. These values allow us to retain top tier talent in a highly competitive landscape while attracting best-in-class clients. We believe that deploying the best software starts from a strong set of core values.

Finally, what sets us apart is that we focus our experience in four key knowledge areas – web engineering, UI/UX design, business analysis, and project management. Together with our values, we believe we offer a unique approach to cross platform app development and software services, in general.

Technologies We Use

SitePen builds adaptable, performant and highly-scalable applications using a suite of modern development frameworks. We have core expertise in JavaScript and TypeScript and utilize these web frameworks and the extended JavaScript ecosystem to deliver software excellent to our clients. With SitePen as your partner, you can be confident that we will create well-designed and a sustainable mobile application the right way on the first go.

JavaScript-based languages are ideal as they are faster to deploy, generally cost less to develop, and allow for complete cross platform app development across nearly every imaginable platform, ecosystem and operating system. We can use these technologies to develop native performing mobile applications, hybrid apps, or progressive web applications for mobile, web and desktop.

Below are just a few examples of frameworks and languages we use:

  • React
  • Vue
  • Node
  • TypeScript
  • Angular
  • Dojo

We believe these represent some of the best cross platform development frameworks. Our collection of expertise allows us to leverage these frameworks to build both front-end solutions as well as the backend infrastructure that powers them. We are thought leaders in cross platform application development, enterprise application and cloud platform development services, and can provide our technical expertise to you at any point in the product and software development lifecycles.

Choosing the Right Cross Platform App Development Company

SitePen is no stranger to cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our entire suite of cross platform app development services.

With the best-in-class technologies powering your application, we also focus considerable effort in cross platform UI development, meaning we utilize our team of designers to sit down with your company and walk through the best approach in turning your idea, or business objective into a meaningful design.

We offer a quick turnaround on quotes, and provide some of the most competitive rates and prices in our market. While other companies utilize bulky, and dated software languages, SitePen operates entirely within a lean ecosystem of light client but highly robust frameworks.

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