Cloud and DevOps

Maximize Quality and Efficiency

Delivering robust software requires rigorous ongoing testing in an environment that closely mirrors a production system environment. The ability to execute such testing should be available to all delivery team members whenever needed. Providing such as testing and infrastructure capability can quickly become a full-time job; therefore, automation is critical in efficiently and cost-effectively solving the problem. Successful software products require a software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) that is highly automated and allows delivery teams to focus on implementing and verifying business value rather than battling infrastructure and other unrelated issues.

Why Develop with SitePen

At SitePen, our focus is on the end-to-end delivery of high-quality software solutions that set your technology organization up for ongoing success. To maximize our efficiency in achieving this goal, we embrace devops automation practices in creating a robust SDLC that allows continuous delivery of business value to end-users. We view testing as an essential, non-negotiable part of the software lifecycle. Establishing a reliable and automated SDLC means our solutions are continuously tested and only deployed to customers when delivery pipelines report sufficient test success rates and other solution quality metrics. Our goal is to deliver high-quality software to end-users iteratively and consistently.

DevOps Consulting Services

At SitePen, we typically include devops automation as part of a more comprehensive solution delivery engagement; however, we can also help in the analysis and uplift of devops practices within your existing products.

Enterprise Cloud Services

We work with business, technology, and operations stakeholders in your organization to help design and implement cloud-first strategies and solutions.

Infrastructure Management

Managing the complexity of modern internet-scale solutions requires automation and robust change management procedures for all aspects of the system, including infrastructure. At SitePen, we favor implementing infrastructure-as-code (IaC) practices to define infrastructure in a format that lends itself to automation and allows version control management similar to software. Our IaC expertise covers a range of public cloud infrastructure definition conventions and more generalized tools such as Ansible.

Code Inspection & Integration

Solution quality is essential to us at SitePen, and we strive to implement continuous delivery pipelines that allow for rigorous ongoing testing and code quality monitoring. Metrics generated from these pipelines enable us to continuously improve our solution implementation quality while simultaneously delivering product functionality. Automation is key to achieving such a continuous integration system, which allows for greater focus on the solution’s functionality and quality rather than ancillary concerns.

Configuration Management

Robust, versioned, and automated configuration management is also required when creating a fully-automated continuous delivery pipeline - we view this as a natural extension of infrastructure-as-code. Everything related to a software system’s code, its environment definitions, and the configuration needed for it to run, should all be documented and version controlled. SitePen’s expertise covers a range of public cloud configuration management systems and open-source options, either as part of broader IaC definitions or used as a standalone config management build-time, deployment, or runtime component.

DevOps Automation Service

SitePen’s experience in delivering software solutions over many years has given us a greater perspective of where the software industry has come from and why the goal for more automation is critical to modern software projects’ success. We can help your organization analyze existing delivery life cycles to identify opportunities for more automated pipelines and help implement continuous integration improvements within your projects to assist in ongoing solution delivery undertaken by your technology teams.

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DevOps FAQs

Will DevOps Help Me?

If your business relies on the implementation or hosting of software systems, yes, devops will help. While there may be a higher upfront cost to implement an automated delivery pipeline versus manually building, configuring, and deploying a new version of your software system, the benefits gained over the application’s full lifetime will significantly outweigh the initial automation cost. The cost benefits of implementing devops automation only ever increase each time a software solution needs to be built, tested, and deployed to end-users.

What DevOps Tools Does SitePen Use?

At SitePen, we favor portable, open-source solutions wherever possible. However, we also have expertise in the continuous delivery tools and capabilities provided by major cloud vendors. Simplicity is vital in our approach - if a vendor-specific solution does the job and keeps things clear and simple, the need for additional abstraction and layering of devops tools is likely unnecessary. Our view is to find the right tool for the job, with some upfront investment in automation paying immediate and continuous dividends throughout a software system’s implementation and maintenance.

How Long Is the DevOps Process?

While the initial setup of a fully automated delivery pipeline may take some time, it is often a highly standardized process between projects. The process’s commodity nature means there are many off-the-shelf solutions available today that handle every aspect you need. The investment for setting up devops automation for a single project is a one-off cost. Applying those same principles and pipelines to future projects becomes more of a cookie-cutter process requiring far less investment. The same is true whether using commodity devops solutions or implementing in-house continuous delivery pipelines.

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