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We offer a range of services that center around the development of efficient and maintainable software. Our engineering team has honed its expertise in a wide variety of languages and frameworks including the latest trends in cloud-based application development. SitePen's design team specializes in the creation of user interfaces that are clear and easy to use. As a part of this service, we work with your users to learn how your business works. We identify and map your business processes to maximize the experience of all of the application's users. Underpinning our engineering and design teams are SitePen's project managers. Our project managers work to keep the development process on track. As the project progresses and changes are identified, our project managers keep everyone synchronized and working toward a common goal.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Enterprise software development encompasses a wide range of applications. Our team is ready to address the unique challenges across this broad spectrum.

Cloud Application Development

Every enterprise-scale business is trying to find the most effective way to tap into the limitless potential of cloud-based applications and services. Our engineering team monitors these fast-moving technologies and is able to design cloud-deployed systems that are scalable and reliable.

Custom Software Development

Custom software is often the vehicle that supports the unique challenges of fulfilling your customer's desire to obtain your products or services. We will partner with you to learn how your business works, and then we will work with you to transform those processes into efficient and maintainable software.

Web Application Development

Web applications provide an effective way to deliver solutions for a wide variety of internal and external needs. Our web application development services go beyond merely modeling your end-user requirements. We consider factors such as expected traffic density and application complexity to deliver a right-sized system for your needs.

Cross-Platform Development

Your customers want to access your applications using a staggering variety of platforms, from mobile devices to smartwatches to web applications. SitePen's engineering team can create solutions that support all of these platforms, allowing your customers to use your software in a way that works best for them.

Legacy Application Modernization

Nothing lasts forever, especially software developed in an ever-changing market. We understand the challenges and opportunities that legacy software modernization projects bring. We believe that most applications can have several years added to their valuable lifespans through careful analysis and strategic updates that keep most of the application intact while supporting your business objectives.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise applications are almost always part of a software suite that work together to support a business's day-to-day operations. Whether your integration leverages microservices, enterprise service buses, a shared database, or a combination of technologies, we will work within your environment to provide solutions that smoothly integrate with your existing application landscape.

Enterprise Industry Expertise

Among SitePen's greatest strengths is its wide-ranging experience across multiple industries. We have worked with some of the largest names in multiple markets with each engagement serving to refine our ability to address each enterprise's individual needs.

Comprehensive Enterprise Software Development

You know that enterprise software development involves more than just writing code and so do we. We will work with you to develop a holistic strategy to create a solution that exceeds your customers' expectations. Whether you have just a few notes written down during a meeting or a comprehensive development plan, we will work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Improve Efficiencies Through Digital Transformation

Enterprise software isn't just merely running applications in the cloud; it is a binary representation of your business. We can help you transform your business with efficient, maintainable, and easy-to-use software. Our user-experience architects will lead you through the modeling of your business processes, identifying critical success factors along the way. The engineering team will continue to refine the models as they build the applications to eliminate ambiguity and deliver a clear, understandable solution that is a digital reflection of your business. Additionally, since no business can survive without growing, your new software will be designed with growth in mind so that it can adapt and change with you.

Our Enterprise Software Development Process

Our development partnership with you starts the moment you reach out to us. Our solution architects will work with you to understand your goals and gather the background information that informs our entire development process. Our project management, senior designers, and technical leads will take this information and develop high-level project plans before you even see a contract. We work with you to ensure that we have a clear, achievable plan that we all agree upon. Throughout the development process, we stay in constant contact with you. As we all learn more about the project, we'll find areas that need to be refined and changed. We will work with you to integrate these changes into the plan so that the software reflects all of the lessons we learned during its development.

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Enterprise Application Development FAQs

What is Enterprise Application Development?

Enterprise application development shares many characteristics with other software engineering efforts. The applications must be correct, performant, and maintainable while also being flexible enough to allow features to be altered or added as business objectives evolve. There are, however, some key differences that make enterprise applications especially challenging to create. They often work together to govern most, if not all, of the enterprise's business processes. Frequently dozens of individual applications must coordinate their efforts to support the enterprise's objectives. Enterprise applications also tend to have a more diverse team of stakeholders than other software. They each bring different, and often incompatible, goals. Integrating new applications into a complex ecosystem while balancing each stakeholder's needs requires a unique blend of soft and hard skills.

What is the Enterprise Application Development Process?

Successfully developing enterprise applications requires a transparent process that allows software the steadily advance toward an (often shifting) set of objectives. Our process begins with the solution architects, where the broad scope of the application is discussed and many fixed-constraints, such as software languages and frameworks, are identified. As this discovery phase continues, the project management and engineering teams lend their voices and experience to ensure that we have a clear understanding of what is known about the project and what will have to be discovered as the project progresses. After the discovery phase is complete, the engineering team will iteratively develop the application. Our project managers oversee the development and ensure that the project's goals remain focused on your objectives as they become more evident. Throughout this phase, our team will stay in constant contact with you - keeping you apprised of our progress and refining the project's objectives. As the development phase comes to a close, we'll work with you through an intense quality assurance phase to build confidence that the new application will be robust, reliable, and valuable.

What Enterprise Software Solutions Do You Offer?

Enterprise development is what we do. Everything we do from the training of our team to our open-source contributions is intended to enhance our ability to quickly and efficiently develop applications that are ready for the rigors of operating in harmony as a part of an enterprise's software ecosystem. We stand ready to build new applications that will serve existing markets or open new markets for you to reach your customers wherever they are and however they want to interact with you. Our extensive experience enables us to build powerful internal applications, codifying complex business rules into applications that are verified by comprehensive automated test suites. If your organization is modernizing its software systems, then our engineering team's in-depth knowledge base will serve you well. Our engineers have worked in many of the most popular languages and frameworks in the industry, both past and present.

What Are The Challenges Of Enterprise Application Development?

Like almost any product or service, today's enterprise applications are expected to work correctly and efficiently. Customers expect to have clear interfaces and seamless experiences. The challenge with enterprise development lies in the additional complexity involved in achieving these goals. As a single cog in a complex software machine, enterprise applications must seamlessly integrate with other applications. Ensuring that this communication happens securely while also decoupling the applications to allow each to be upgraded and modified independently requires singular focus and a high level of expertise.

Enterprise applications also have a more diverse group of stakeholders than many other applications. In addition to end-users and enterprise leadership, enterprise software must often consider the requirements introduced by business units, infrastructure teams, security, and government regulations. Without careful design and analysis, the complex and often contradictory demands of these teams can compromise the software's efficacy, leading to a sub-optimal user experience and eroding the value that the application adds to the organization.

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