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Enterprise software has generated a revolutionary increase in efficiency and effectiveness for every major company in the world. The move from paper-based systems to software-driven architectures allowed companies to streamline their processes and increase their ability to react to changing market conditions. In today's world, however, merely having software-based systems isn't enough to maintain an enterprise's competitive advantage. User Experience (UX) design is about increasing user efficiency and minimizing human error; this is accomplished by designing each application's interface to support and guide users through their interactions.

Our Enterprise Design Services

Our agency considers the entire person-machine interface to deliver the ideal design for each system.

Enterprise UX Research

UX design requires more than a deep understanding of the underlying business processes. Optimized designs require deep and on-going learning about how people want to interact with software. Our designers monitor these trends to ensure that each user's experience benefits from the latest research in visual design, information architecture, interaction design, and usability to provide an experience that feels natural and obvious.

Rapid Prototyping & Design

Software systems start as a product of a few minds but eventually need to be realized as applications that are accessible by many users. Our rapid prototyping and design capabilities allow initial design concepts and information flows to be quickly developed and iterated upon. These capabilities accelerate the design process and help guarantee that end-users receive a system optimized for their needs.

Enterprise Application UI Design

Our enterprise user-interface design services extend far beyond getting the information to the user and allowing them to interact with it. Page layout, size, color, and animations are optimized to ensure that the user's eye is drawn to the most critical UI elements first while also providing them easy access to any supporting information that they need to quickly and accurately make essential business decisions.

Enterprise Software UX Design

UX design is ultimately about mapping user behavior to software systems. We design user experiences that consider visual design, interaction design, information architecture, usability, and accessibility to provide solutions that present shallow learning curves and are frictionless to use.

Our UI & UX Design Process

Our agency's UX design process is composed of two major elements - maintaining a thorough understanding of current design trends and applying that knowledge to each system's unique requirements.

The design team uses a holistic approach to keep abreast of the latest best-practices in UX design. Our designers study how the brain processes information and makes decisions. This grants them a robust theoretical understanding of how to engage users best. They also follow blogs and podcasts that focus on UX frameworks and how these tools are shaping users' expectations for how applications function. Finally, all of our designers have a wealth of practical experience designing enterprise applications. This experience grants them critical insights on what new ideas will be most effective when applied to enterprise applications.

Having solid foundational knowledge is a critical component of effective UX design. Equally important, however, is the need to understand the intricacies of the problem that each application is intended to address. Our designers will work with you to understand and document the workflows and business processes that the software must support. This iterative process allows the designers to distill the nebulous concepts in UX design into a concrete and productive experience for your end-users.

Why Good Enterprise Application UX Matters

When software was first introduced to the enterprise, it brought a revolutionary increase in speed and a decrease in human errors by leveraging software's ability to codify rules and business processes. Unfortunately, these first applications were often challenging to use and even more difficult to learn. As business processes have become more complicated and employee turnover has increased, these liabilities have become increasingly burdensome. Effective and efficient UX design offers another opportunity to streamline business processes, reduce errors, and reduce user frustration.

A robust visual design allows users to identify critical information quickly. Well-designed information architecture exposes precisely the information that users need to see when, and only when, they need it .

Usability enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the interface. Accessibility allows the system to be easily comprehended and used by the broadest possible population of users without loss of productivity or increased frustration

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Enterprise FAQs

What is Enterprise UX?

Enterprise UX is the combination of visual design, information architecture, interaction design, accessibility, and usability that makes up the human-computer interactions of an application. Ideally, the UX design should support each user's behavior and expectations by providing the information and actions that they need as they progress through one or more workflows.

What is the Enterprise UX Design Process?

The user experience design process comprises the steps and methodologies used to combine visual and interaction design, information architecture, accessibility, and usability into a system that defines how users and systems interact. Designers begin with a large body of general knowledge concerning how to optimize a system's human-computer interactions. The process focuses that knowledge onto the specific requirements of the system being designed to deliver a solution that is efficient and resistant to human error.

What Enterprise UX Solutions Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of user experience design solutions.

End-to-end development

This solution engages both our design and engineering teams to provide a complete software solution. We partner with you at each step of the process to understand your needs and ensure that our solution integrates smoothly into your existing software ecosystem while delivering an exceptional experience for your users.

Greenfield Design

Many enterprises already have strong engineering groups and the capacity to support new application development. For these companies, we offer stand-alone design services. Our designers will work closely with the user community to ensure that the UX meets their needs. As the software is developed, they provide critical feedback that will guarantee that the UX of the final product remains focused and productive.

Legacy Application Support

Enterprise applications evolve throughout their lifetimes and often need to be re-tuned to support changing user expectations and business needs. Our designers can approach these projects from multiple directions. They can work with your organization to completely redesign an application's UX or help minimize the impact on the application's design while allowing new features to be integrated.

What are the Challenges of Enterprise UX?

The most common problem with UX design is overwhelming the user with information and options. Engineering teams are often composed of individuals that are comfortable filtering through vast amounts of information in their daily work. When these same teams are tasked with designing application interfaces, this ability often translates into systems with too much information and too many actions. Good UX design minimizes the clutter that a user must work through while still providing access to supporting information and actions when they are needed.

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