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Create the Best User Interactions

User interface design (sometimes referred to as user interaction design) is the art of creating a visual design language for your product. Whether it’s navigation, buttons, form elements, or the typography throughout your app, each of these things should work together to create a consistent user experience that is clear and easy to understand. Products that have a strong UI design feel familiar to the customer and help them utilize each feature with minimal friction. Much like learning any language, there is a visual “vocabulary” associated with your product. Making that vocabulary consistent and clear is paramount to a clean user experience.

Alongside a clean user experience, UI design provides a visual aesthetic that allows your users to identify your products, creating greater brand loyalty and awareness. Your enterprise app is more than just a logo in the navigation bar. It’s how all of the elements look and feel and work together. This is even more important for platforms with multiple products. A strong UI design can be incorporated into multiple products or apps, making it easy for users to switch from one to another.

Enterprise Application UI Design

Strong user interface design is even more important to the enterprise space. Enterprise software incorporates a greater amount of complexity, larger user base, and more critical features than most consumer applications. Because of this, it’s even more important that your UI design is clean and easy to understand. Colors, typography, buttons, navigation, and other elements should be well articulated and easy to consume by the eye. They should feel consistent between different screens and features, making the user feel at ease as they navigate through the entire experience.

Another important aspect of enterprise UI design is that enterprise software often incorporates an entire suite of products or platforms. If each of your apps are speaking a different visual language, it will create confusion for the user, make each of them more difficult to navigate, and stunt any ability to express your brand consistently to your customers.

Why Develop with SitePen

At SitePen, we believe that quality is the single, most important aspect of any project we undertake. Our commitment to delivering bug-free solutions infuses every part of our development activities.

You will start to experience this as soon as you reach out to us. Our Sales and Project Management teams work with you to understand your goals and expectations, identifying the characteristics that have the most significant influence on the application's quality.

Our engineering team will then develop the solution with these goals in mind. They also create extensive suites of automated tests that ensure that the code continues to work as intended. Finally, we continuously monitor the project in search of refactoring opportunities to improve the code's structure as it evolves. While not usually considered an essential aspect of quality assurance, we have found that superior code organization often leads to exceptional quality in the final product.

UI Design Services

User interface design is a multi-faceted discipline that involves the smallest of pixel-perfect details while also being focused on big strategic thinking. It’s not simply creating a button or a card for the UI, it’s designing a flexible component that can be shared, reused, and adapted to multiple features of your enterprise application.

Interface Design and Optimization

To your customers, it may just be a form on the screen. They may just click buttons in the navigation bar without consciously considering the visual selection of colors, typography, and style. They might not think about the padding and the margins that make the content easy to consume and navigate. But these are the things our design team obsesses over. Whether you have an existing UI design that needs to be updated or need something built from the ground up, we specialize in hand crafting beautiful and modern user interface components that are natural extensions of the user experience. These UI elements make your products easier to use and also extend the look and feel of your brand to your end user.

Designing for Accessibility and WCAG Compliance

It is ever more important that the products we build are accessible to those with disabilities and other limitations. Software is moving toward the same regulation as other media, which require it to be usable to everyone regardless of any physical limitations. At SitePen we champion efforts to make the web and software applications open and accessible to everyone. This includes our approach to visual design and user interfaces. We design components and elements that are in line with current WCAG compliance standards. We consider color contrast, focus states, and typography that allow the app to be used by anyone with visual impairments or who cannot rely on a mouse for navigation.

Design Systems

A critical foundation to an extensible UI is a design system. A design system is a library of components and elements that can be reused and repurposed throughout the entire application. Rather than creating styles and elements for each view, a design system gives pieces of UI that can be created once and reused everywhere. This is a huge win for both designers and developers. Your design team will be able to focus on the important aspects of the user experience and how to bring critical features to your customers. Your development team will be able to work faster, building code and components that are reusable and reducing the amount of waste and duplicated effort.

Style Guides and Design Specifications

A style guide goes hand in hand with a design system. It takes all of those well crafted UI elements and documents them in a way that your entire team or organization can reference. This gives everyone a single source of truth to build from, rather than each team designing and building in a silo. Using a style guide, developers can reference various design specifications to ensure what they build is consistent in look and feel with other parts of the application or with other products across your organization. This will enhance the user experience across your entire product offering, creating one easy to understand visual language.

Enterprise Industry Expertise

Among SitePen's greatest strengths is its wide-ranging experience across multiple industries. We have worked with some of the largest names in multiple markets with each engagement serving to refine our ability to address each enterprise's individual needs.

Technologies We Use

SitePen utilizes the best leading-edge technology for our design process. We have in-depth experience with industry standard applications such as Sketch, Figma, and the Adobe Suite. Our abilities are not limited to mockups and static screenshots, but also incorporate clickable prototypes built with InVision, Framer, Axure, and Figma. We leverage existing design libraries and design systems such as Google’s Material Design and Bootstrap, and we are experts at developing custom systems ourselves. Whatever the need, we have experience with the right tools and technology to deliver fast and beautiful results for your project.

Choosing the Right UI Design Company

Choosing your design partner can be a critical part of your project’s success. Too many teams lack the experience to know what to look for in a UI design company. It’s important that you find someone who not only has a great portfolio, but also demonstrates that they can solve hard visual problems. A strong design team will challenge your ideas and show you new ways to approach your product.

The designers at SitePen have comprehensive experience solving tough challenges. We’ve worked closely with enterprise companies to build tools for their internal teams as well as their external customers that are engaging, intuitive, and easy to use. We bring experience, speed, and agility to the design process.

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Enterprise UI Design FAQs

Why Is UI Design Important?

User Interface design is an important piece of any successful software app. It gives a face to your product that your customers can identify with, and it also provides important visual cues for how they can interact with the application. Having a consistent, clean UI design will not only make the customer experience fast and easy, but it will also reduce development time because pieces of the UI will be flexible and reusable across the app.

How Long Does the Process Take?

UI design can be a matter of styling a few elements or pages, or it can be a robust engagement of defining an entire component library for your application. Whatever level of need your organization may have, our UI designers are fast at creating solutions that will bring the biggest impact to your product and customer base. Whether it’s a single sprint of effort or you’re looking for an ongoing design partner, SitePen has the experience to help build a beautiful and modern UI.

Should My Company Think About UI Design?

Every software application needs a strong UI foundation. If this isn’t something that your company has, then it’s time to get some help. A clean UI will improve your customer’s experience, improve engagement, and help to create brand loyalty. It will also increase your development turnaround time, as elements in the product will be clearly defined and reusable across the entire experience.

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